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    Even though is only 600m back to what the crew at Albany Island Lodge likes to call “Australia”, it is the most glorious 600m you will ever know, as the rest of Australia is there, and you are NOT!




    100,000 4WDs are on the other side of that 600m, and ONE 4WD on your side. Contact us DL@fishingearth.com to become one of the few that crosses Endeavour Strait to say G’day. 



    Paradise Found: Untangling the Treasures of Albany Island Lodge :

    Forget postcard perfection – Albany Island Lodge takes you beyond the horizon to a secluded island paradise where pristine waters cradle coral reefs teeming with life. Imagine casting your line amidst this aquatic Eden, sports fishing for a fish of a lifetime and savouring fresh seafood feasts in the boat house. This isn’t just a fishing trip; it’s a tropical dream come true.

    Spin, fly, or bait your way to glory, for Cape York’s bounty caters to every angler’s desire. Crave the elusive barramundi? Have a crack at them out of nearby rivers and creeks. Chase shimmering schools across vibrant flats, casting for endless delights like queenfish, trevally, and coral trout. Go deep for reds, jewfish, and fingermarks. Or test your mettle against legendary titans like giant trevally. There are not many places on Earth where they get bigger than up here.

    This is not a TV show!  This is live, real-life fishing. That fish of a lifetime will not be caught talking into a camera. It will be caught with 1000 cast.

    Sports fishing and watching a fishing TV show are related like I am to Julius Caesar’s grandson Marcus Antonius. I am sure I have a few of the same atoms, but that’s it.

    Albany Island: Where Time Whispers on Private Shores: Nestled at the tip of Cape York, Albany Island Lodge calls Albany Island home. This private paradise, known as Pabaju to the indigenous Torres Strait Islanders, is your gateway to untold treasures. Picture sandy beaches whispering secrets to the turquoise waters and meals bursting with local flavours. Immerse yourself in a rich cultural tapestry woven by stories of the sea and its bounty.

    Cape York: Nature’s Unbridled Masterpiece: Beyond Albany Island Lodge’s private haven, the untamed heart of Cape York beckons. Explore this vast wilderness, Australia’s last frontier, where ancient rainforests whisper secrets to rugged coastlines. Dive into the Great Barrier Reef’s kaleidoscope of life, meeting playful dolphins, graceful dugongs, and enigmatic sea turtles. Cape York is a symphony of natural wonders, a canvas painted with turquoise waters, emerald jungles, and cerulean skies.

    So come, trade daily rhythms for the island’s pulse. Let Albany Island Lodge guide you to where time slows, adrenaline pumps and memories etch themselves forever. This is paradise untangled, waiting to be yours.


    Location target species:

    GT (Giant Trevally)



    Coral Trout

    Spanish Mackerel

    Golden Trevally

    Black Jewfish

    Mangrove Jack



    Northern Bluefin Tuna


    Tarpon –> and there are a few more that we think you might like to have a crack at. 



    Location brag board:

    The Fishing


    Albany Island Lodge Fishing Charters: Your Gateway to a Fish-Filled Adventure

    Imagine this: you stand on the pristine shores of Albany Island, your gaze sweeping across a turquoise ocean playground. The Great Barrier Reef stretches its coral tapestry to the east, shimmering with life. Southward, coastal reefs beckon, promising hidden treasures. And inland, rivers and estuaries whisper of flats teeming with elusive trophies. This, my friend, is the reality that awaits with Albany Island Lodge Fishing Charters.

    From this island paradise, we unlock a treasure trove of aquatic adventures. Want to stalk barramundi in sun-dappled estuaries near Escape River or Jackie Jackie Creek? We’ll take you there. 

    But even the mightiest anglers need a starting point. So, Pioneer Bay beckons with its silicon sand shores for early risers. Cast your fly rod or spin rod, and watch as magnificent tropical species shimmer into view. It’s the perfect pre-breakfast appetiser before diving into the day’s main course.

    Remember, catching fish is a dance with luck and nature. While we can’t control the weather or the fickle denizens of the deep, we can put you in the right place at the perfect time. Forget “next week’s bite” or “yesterday’s record.” Your Albany Island Lodge FishingEarth adventure is tailor-made, built around your dreams and the current whispers of the tides. So cast your worries aside, grab your rod, and let them guide you to an unforgettable experiences of scales and splashes.

    With Albany Island Lodge Fishing Charters, it’s not just about fishing, it’s about experiencing the untamed heart of Australia’s aquatic paradise. So come, let the island cradle you, let the ocean serenade you, and let your lines sing with the thrill of the catch. The only question is: Who is come with you?


    Forget Michelin stars and molecular gastronomy – at Albany Island Lodge, simplicity reigns supreme. The resident cook transforms the island’s bounty into mouthwatering masterpieces, and each bite a combination of your catch and a few local ingredients. No overly-fussy presentations or pretentious foams here. Just honest, delicious food that celebrates the essence of fresh, local ingredients.

    Imagine your senses dancing with the vibrant flavours of grilled coral trout, its skin perfectly crisped, the flesh glistening with a touch of lemon. Or picture steaming plates of Spanish Mack bathed in a subtle coconut curry, the fragrance carrying you away to tropical bliss. Each meal is a symphony of the simplest pleasures, crafted with a passion that speaks louder than any Michelin star.

    We understand. You didn’t escape the daily grind to face another plate of culinary conundrums. You came to escape the world of endless decisions. And we get it. That’s why our meals are designed to enhance your adventure, not distract from it. Fuel your explorations with hearty breakfasts that set the day up. Refuel after epic battles with tropical sports fish with lunches bursting with the flavours of the island. 

    At Albany Island Lodge, we don’t need eight courses or tweezers to impress. You catch it and the cook will make it yummy. Life is that difficult up at Albany Island Lodge. 


    The Lodge


    Albany Island Lodge ain’t about five-star pampering. We’re laser-focused on one thing: delivering a fantastic blue-water fishing adventure for you and your friends and family.

    Our digs are simple but solid, like a trusty fishing rod – built to handle whatever the Coral Sea throws our way. Nestled in a two-story haven with killer ocean views, we can comfortably bunk two to six salty souls. If we speak nicely to the boss, you can get a room to yourselves. 

    Think sandy toes on wooden and sand floors and stories swapped around a communal table laden with fresh-caught feasts. It’s not a luxury spa, but it’s damn near paradise for anyone with a fishing fire in their belly and a love of untouched beauty.

    And speaking of untouched, Albany Island’s yours to explore. Before or after your day on the water, lace up your boots and wander off with a fishing rod and a few poppers.

    This ain’t a place for lounging on plush towels – it is about getting away and having a crack. 

    Remote doesn’t mean roughing it, though. Our revamped Pearl House is like a comfy old fishing buddy – a little worn around the edges but full of character. Think air-conditioned rooms for weary limbs and an unspoiled backdrop that’ll knock your socks off (if you’re wearing any – flip-flops are the official island uniform).

    It’s intimate, genuine, and has good food to fuel your fishing journey. We are talking fresh, honest grub that is as it should be.  Simple, satisfying, and perfect for sharing stories, a few cold drinks, and looking back at the rest of Australia glad you are not there.


    So ditch the tux and embrace the flip-flops. Albany Island Resort ain’t your average resort. It’s the real deal – a rustic haven where salty air, roaring reels, and unforgettable memories are the only five-star treatment you need. Come, cast your worries aside, and let the Coral Sea serenade your soul. This is where memories are made, one epic catch at a time.



    How to get there


    Effortless Journeys, Unforgettable Memories:

    We know getting to paradise shouldn’t feel like navigating a maze. That’s why FishingEarth customises your trip, ensuring every step is smooth and stress-free. Forget scouring flight schedules and battling confusing connections. We do the leg work for you and will give you a list of recommended flights. 

    Your Private Gateway to Untamed Beauty:

    There are a couple of options to get there from Cairns. There are probably a few more options, like walking and swimming, but we will rule them out RIGHT NOW for you. Flights from Cairns to either Bamaga or Horn Island. We will talk you through the options. 

    Welcome to Your Coral Castle:

    FishingEarth and Albany Island Lodge haven’t just planned your journey; they’ve crafted an unforgettable experience. So, ditch the stress, embrace the island’s untamed beauty, and let the Coral Sea make you smile. 

    Ready to book your stress-free adventure? Contact FishingEarth today and start planning your escape to the jewel of the Coral Sea!  







    Albany Island FAQs:

    Q: Where is Albany Island?

    Imagine standing on the very edge of Australia’s east coast, where the land meets the vast Coral Sea. Albany Island isn’t just any island; it’s the last jewel before you reach the tip of the continent. Picture yourself turning left from anywhere on the East Coast and sailing out. If you hit PNG, you have gone too far. Turn around, and there it is, a paradise fringed by coral reefs and whispering with untouched beauty.

    Q: Is the water drinkable up there?

    Far North Queensland is all about staying hydrated, and trust us, the water is far more refreshing than any beer after a day in the sun. There is plentiful drinking water you can enjoy guilt-free. Save the celebratory brews for sunset!

    Q: Can I wash my clothes on Albany Island?

    No need to pack for weeks –Albany Island Lodge offers a laundry service, perfect for keeping your luggage light and focused on fishing gear. Whether you arrive by helicopter or boat, you can pack light and wash with ease. The one-hour dry cleaning closed during COVID, and we are unsure when it will reopen on the island. 

    Q: Do they supply fishing gear?

    Bring your most prized rods and reels because Albany Island Lodge welcomes fishing enthusiasts with open arms! Gear limitations exist for helicopter travel, but where there’s a will, there’s a way to pack your arsenal for your epic fishing adventure.

    Q: Is there hot water?

    Wash the day’s adventures away with a hot shower.  Feel free to indulge in a post-fishing shower and emerge refreshed for another evening of amazing food. 

    Q: Can I get mobile phone reception?

    If you’re craving a digital detox, Albany Island is your haven. While Vodaphone and Optus reception is nonexistent, Telstra users can choose to disconnect and truly recharge. We can provide an email advising people that there is no phone reception. But remember to coordinate it with your group, as 5G is now in the house. No tin foil hats can stop it. SORRY!! 


    Number 1 FishingEarth tip for this location.

    The Coral Sea boasts an incredible diversity of fish, from giant trevally and marlin to coral trout, Queenfish, barra, and, well, a lot LOT more. Work out what you want to have a crack at. If you are hooked on YouTube, remember it is as real as NCIS.  Look at these shows as an education into different techniques and ways of targeting species. These girls and guys fish a lot more than most of us do. They are always looking for new ways to catch fish. 


    The person that fishes the Albany area the most is your guide. He/she really does want you to catch fish.  The mood in any Fishing Lodge the night after a hard day on the water is not what your guide wants to achieve. They want to hear stories and laughter. Learn what your Guide is trying to show you and apply your Fishing techniques to that information. Undoubtedly, you can combine the information and get a much better result.

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