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    Fly fishing in the remote waters of Cape York and the Torres Strait Islands offers an unparalleled angling adventure, particularly for those seeking Permit, Blue Bastards, and Tuna. This region boasts a unique combination of pristine flats, vibrant reefs, and deep channels teeming with diverse marine life.

    The shallow, sandy flats of Cape York provide the perfect habitat for Permit, elusive and prized gamefish known for their powerful runs and acrobatic fights. Sight casting to cruising Permit on these flats is a thrilling experience that tests an angler’s skill and patience.

    The crystal-clear waters of the Torres Strait Islands are home to abundant populations of Blue Bastards, a feisty species renowned for their aggressive takes and blistering runs. Fly fishing for these hard-fighting fish in the island’s pristine lagoons and channels is an adrenaline-pumping experience.

    Beyond the flats and lagoons, the deeper waters off Cape York and the Torres Strait Islands offer excellent opportunities to target Tuna. These powerful predators are known for their speed and strength, providing anglers with an unforgettable battle on the fly. Whether casting to surface-feeding schools or presenting flies to Tuna lurking beneath the waves, the thrill of hooking into one of these magnificent fish is unmatched.

    The combination of diverse target species, pristine environments, and challenging fishing conditions make fly fishing in Cape York and the Torres Strait Islands an unforgettable experience for any angler.


    The Torres Strait Islands, nestled between the northern tip of Australia and Papua New Guinea, represent a pinnacle of sports fishing and fly fishing, acclaimed globally for their extraordinary aquatic biodiversity. This unique region is a sports fisherman’s paradise, offering access to some of the most sought-after species on the planet.




    Sight fishing on the sand flats for Blue Bastards (Plectorhinchus gibbosus) is an incredible experience for several reasons:

    1. Visual Excitement

    The clear, shallow waters of sand flats provide excellent visibility, allowing anglers to see the fish as they approach and target them. This adds a thrilling visual element to the fishing experience, as you can observe the fish’s behavior and movements.

    2. Challenge and Skill

    Blue Bastards are known for their elusive and cautious nature, making them challenging to catch. Sight fishing requires a combination of patience, stealth, and precise casting, testing and enhancing the angler’s skills.

    3. Stunning Environment

    The sand flats are often located in beautiful, pristine coastal areas. The combination of clear water, sandy bottoms, and often vibrant marine life creates a stunning backdrop, enhancing the overall fishing experience.

    4. Active Engagement

    Unlike other forms of fishing where you might wait for long periods, sight fishing is highly engaging. Anglers are constantly scanning the water, adjusting their positions, and making strategic casts, keeping them actively involved throughout the process.

    5. Immediate Feedback

    When sight fishing, you can immediately see how the fish respond to your lure or fly. This direct feedback allows for quick adjustments in technique, increasing the chances of a successful catch and making the experience more dynamic.

    6. Connection with Nature

    Being out on the flats, wading through the water, and observing the natural behavior of fish and other marine life fosters a deep connection with the environment. It’s a way to immerse oneself in nature, promoting relaxation and mindfulness.

    7. Unique Species

    Blue Bastards are unique to the waters of northern Australia, making them a sought-after species for anglers looking for a distinctive catch. Their rarity and unique fighting qualities add to the allure and satisfaction of landing one.

    In summary, sight fishing for Blue Bastards on the sand flats combines visual excitement, challenge, stunning environments, active engagement, immediate feedback, a deep connection with nature, and the allure of targeting a unique species. All these factors make it an unforgettable fishing experience.


    Rich with pristine reefs and an abundance of isolated islands, the Torres Strait is home to an impressive roster of top-tier sports fish, including the formidable Giant Trevally (GT), renowned for their size and strength. Anglers from all over the world come here chasing the thrill of battling these massive fish, which are among the biggest GTs found anywhere on earth.



    Moreover, the Torres Strait is one of the premier destinations for sight fly fishing for Blue Bastards. These elusive and challenging game fish provide the ultimate test for fly anglers due to their cunning nature and the crystal-clear waters they inhabit, making the islands a bucket-list destination for serious fly fishermen.



    Beyond these, the region offers a versatile fishing experience with opportunities to catch Barramundi and Saratoga in the river systems, adding a freshwater dimension to the adventure. Each species provides a different challenge and adds to the rich tapestry of angling experiences available in the Torres Strait.





    With its untouched natural beauty, a diverse range of game fish, and world-class fishing conditions, the Torres Strait Islands are not just a destination; they are the epitome of a sports fishing and fly fishing paradise on earth. Whether targeting the powerful GTs or the tricky Blue Bastards, the Torres Strait delivers an unrivalled fishing experience that keeps anglers coming back for more.





    Travelling around the Torres Strait Islands on a mothership equipped with two high-quality tenders offers the ultimate fishing adventure. This setup allows anglers to access the most remote and pristine fishing spots across the archipelago, maximizing exposure to a diverse range of species from formidable Giant Trevally to elusive Blue Bastards.




    Adding to the experience are two experienced guides, experts in stalking and hunting the words best sportsfish will help you realize your fishing dreams by providing invaluable insights and techniques specific to each species and location. The mothership provides comfort and stability, ensuring relaxation after intense fishing sessions, while the tenders offer agility and easy access to shallower waters and narrow inlets that larger vessels can’t reach. This combination ensures a comprehensive, efficient, and exhilarating fishing experience, making every trip uniquely productive and enjoyable.




    The contrasting depths of the Coral Sea and the shallow waters of the Torres Strait Islands create a unique and dynamic environment that is ideal for a wide variety of fishing adventures. Here’s why this combination makes the area a dream destination for anglers:




    1. **Diverse Habitats**: The Coral Sea, known for its deep waters, offers habitats for large pelagic species such as marlin, tuna, and mackerel. These depths provide the perfect hunting grounds for these species, which prefer open, deep waters to roam and hunt. Fishing in these areas often involves trolling with large lures or live bait to attract the attention of these powerful fish.




    2. **Rich Ecosystems**: The shallow waters around the Torres Strait Islands foster rich and biodiverse ecosystems, including coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrass beds. These habitats support a plethora of fish species and serve as vital nursery grounds for juveniles. The shallow waters make it ideal for light tackle and fly fishing, offering anglers a more hands-on, visually engaging experience.


    3. **Accessibility of Different Fishing Techniques**: The variation in water depths allows for a multitude of fishing techniques, from deep-sea fishing in the Coral Sea to casting and fly fishing in the shallows of the Torres Strait. Anglers can switch environments and techniques within the same trip, enhancing the adventure and challenge.


    4. **Abundance of Target Species**: The area’s varied environments support an incredible range of species. Anglers can target everything from barramundi and giant trevally in the shallows to swordfish and sharks in deeper waters. This diversity not only increases the potential for successful catches but also adds to the excitement and unpredictability of the sport.


    5. **Protected Waters**: The islands themselves often provide natural shelter, making the shallow waters calmer and more accessible for smaller boats and tenders. This makes it easier for anglers to navigate and fish effectively, even on windier days.


    6. **Scenic Beauty**: Fishing in this region is not just about the catch; it’s also about the spectacular natural beauty of the area. The crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and lush islands enhance the experience, making it unforgettable.


    These features combine to make the Coral Sea and the Torres Strait Islands a prime destination for fishing enthusiasts, offering a breadth of opportunities that cater to both the seasoned angler and the adventurous novice.

    The Torres Strait Islands and the Coral Sea are renowned for their rich marine biodiversity, offering anglers a chance to target some of the most exciting fish species in the world. Here are the top 10 fish species to catch in these waters, along with additional noteworthy catches:

    1. **Giant Trevally (GT)** – Known for their strength and explosive strikes, GTs are a top target for sports fishermen looking for a challenging catch.

    2. **Black Marlin** – The Coral Sea is one of the best places in the world to hook a giant black marlin, especially during the marlin season from September to December.

    3. **Coral Trout** – Beautiful and tasty, coral trout are popular among reef anglers and are prevalent around the coral reefs of the Torres Strait.

    4. **Spanish Mackerel** – Fast and aggressive, Spanish mackerel are fun to catch and excellent on the table, making them a favourite among local and visiting anglers.

    5. **Barramundi** – Iconic to Australian fishing, barramundi can be targeted in the northern parts of the Torres Strait and in the west coast rivers.

    6. **Red Emperor** – Known for their fight and flavour, Red Emperor is a prized catch found deeper in the Coral Sea.

    7. **Sailfish** – The Coral Sea provides a great opportunity for anglers to battle with the acrobatic sailfish, especially from mid-year through summer.

    8. **Yellowfin Tuna** – Offering strong fights, yellowfin tuna is a thrilling catch for sportfishing enthusiasts exploring the deeper offshore waters.

    9. **Dogtooth Tuna** – Renowned for their powerful runs and deep dives, dogtooth tuna presents a formidable challenge for even the most experienced anglers.

    10. **Blue Bastards** – Unique to the region and a dream catch for fly fishermen, Blue Bastards offer a tricky quarry on shallow flats, especially known for their cunning fight.

    **Additional Species to Consider:**

    – **Permit** – Known for their elusive nature, permit are a highly prized catch that challenges even skilled anglers.

    – **Queenfish** – These acrobatic fish are a thrill to catch and are known for their spectacular leaps and strong runs.

    – **Black Jewfish** – Sought after for their fight and flavour, Black Jewfish are a rewarding catch found in deeper waters and around wrecks.

    – **Cobia**—Often found around floating objects or reefs, cobia are strong and aggressive fighters highly valued by sports fishermen.

    – **Northern Bluefin Tuna** – Known for their size and power, Northern Bluefin Tuna are a challenging and exciting target for offshore anglers.

    – **Saratoga** – Found in the same west coast rivers as Barramundi, Saratoga offers a unique freshwater challenge with its impressive aerial acrobatics.

    These species represent a mix of reef dwellers, pelagic fighters, and estuarine favourites, ensuring that anglers visiting the Torres Strait Islands and the Coral Sea have a diverse and memorable fishing experience. Whether you’re casting for giants in the deep blue or targeting spectacular reef fish, the fishing here is nothing short of world-class.


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