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    Watching the sun wake up Australian from your own private tropical island
    For a long time, Albany Island has been waiting for someone like Dave Hartwell. He has successfully run a charter and tour business up at the tip of Australia for several years. A location like Albany needs the owner there. No matter what anyone thinks. Running a remote business from a long way away will never work.  Over the years, many people have visited Albany and fell in love. There truly is something amazing about sitting with your drink of choice and looking back at Australia.
    The fish do not jump on your line. But we reckon there are a few fish to have a crack at.

    Best YETI photo bomb

    As incredible as the island is, the fishing gets us there, and it’s probably the reason for much disappointment over the years.
    Dave knows how to work hard.
    Dave knows that your time and money are important.
    When your dreams come true. Ivan has lost some BIG fish, but it all worked on this one
    Thank you, Leo.

    One of the most beautiful creatures you will come across.

    He understands that for many people, this is the trip of a lifetime, and Dave and his team will work hard to ensure it’s as good as possible. 
    Popper fishing from your own little beach on your own little sand cay in your own little
    ocean or, in this case, your own part of the Coral Sea.

    Brothers in Arms

    The island is the same. It’s that place positioned perfectly so you can access some of the world’s best Bluewater Sports fishing. Still to the east of the island is the widest point of the Great Barrier Reef. Unfortunately, it’s just a little too far for those targeting Dogtooth tuna. But for just about every other, known Australian Bluewater sports Fish. They were talking about Albany when they said the world is your oyster. Fish hard work hard is the recipe for success up here.


    It’s not a fish farm; no matter how many fishing shows, YouTube clips or indeed photographs of Fish after Fish after Fish, each one was hard caught. Yes, there are times when it is almost impossible not to catch a fish. But there are still more times that you have to work hard to get that Fish of a lifetime.
    The fish are so close you can… well you can see them when having breakfast
    Unbelievably, I’ve seen people catch a fish of a lifetime in their very last Cast. I’ve also seen someone hook, probably the most spectacular surface, eat by a monster GT on their last cast, but unfortunately only had the Fish for 10 seconds. Everyone else in the boat had put their rods down on all of these occasions. 

    Hard Work some days

    Dave and his team also understand that the best time to Fish up there is during the months of February, March, April, and then October, November and December. These are the months when you have the greatest opportunity to get decent weather.
    There are many things that they can control, but the main one that cannot be predicted is, of course, the weather. We encourage speaking nicely to the gods. It will be what it will be.

    Local oysters done three different ways… just add Vodka

    In the months of May, June, July, August and September, we know that there is a better than good chance of getting some very ordinary windy weather. Even though fishing can be superb during these months, it’s hard work waking up every day with coconut trees getting pushed around by strong southeasterly winds. 
    Dave and his team will make sure that the food quality is as good as it’s ever been. They understand that you’re not looking for an 8-course degustation menu with food that is as complicated to pronounce as it is to eat. There’s certainly nothing wrong with fancy, complicated menus, but that’s not Albany Island. Remember, Australia is on the other side of Endeavour Strait. We want you to leave the complicated world behind. No bins need to be taken out. No traffic… no **ZOOM meetings. Just fantastic, well-cooked meals using as many local ingredients as possible.  Sorry if you are looking for crispy-skinned farmed salmon, you’re 1000 km too far north. Dave and his team work with the traditional owners, providing some local ingredients that can’t be caught. And then the rest of the menu. Well, that’s up to you.

    Yum Yum. Local oysters with Atherton Tablelands Bacon

    It’s not Lizard Island; it’s Albany Island, and that’s just how we like it, and we think you will as well. The accommodation is perfect for the location. All of the rooms have air conditioning and the windows have what we like to call Tropical Crimsafe screens. As they keep out all of the bugs. 

    Set up for those that need to be close to each other.

    Having a good night’s sleep is essential when you are fishing hard all day.
    Each of the rooms can be configured to suit your needs. We typically like to have one person per room for the smaller rooms, and there is also a large double room and an extra large triple room for those who want to be closer to each other.

    All the gear for a good night’s sleep

    As they say in the movies ‘its the vibe’ or in this case its Albany Island


    When we have a group of six, everyone can have their own room. To make it fair, we typically use the dartboard to pick what room you get. Those that are travelling as a couple. We then configure the larger rooms for couples. This gives everyone the opportunity to spread out in their room and feel relaxed.
    Each room has 240 V power sockets, so you can charge all of your gear at night, and for those of you with sleep apnoea machines, you can have them in use as well.
    We have shared shower and toilet facilities.
    The number of fish that are caught off the jetty at Albany is incredible. None for me
    on this occasion but you just have to keep trying.
    Never drive past fish to find fish.
    This could be yours for the week.
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