The Global FishingEarth Difference

Do you miss that personal touch? When was the last time that you bought a pair of shoes that they took the time actually to measure both of your feet? They are not saying that you don’t know that you are a size 10… By checking they realise that you are actually a size 10 1/2 and just like magic your feet don’t hurt any more.

Not sure if we can solve your sore feet, but we can indeed work with you to make sure that you find the fishing experience that you are looking for not just the one that works best for us. Like you, we know that the fishing isn’t like it is in the movies (TV shows in this case). Often they will fish the best tides at the best time of the year for a whole week to fill a 22 minute episode. The fishing is always so good that you reckon if you looked at the water hard enough fish would jump out at you. If that is what you are looking for we also have an option up our sleeve (catfish farm 45 minutes from Bangkok they literally do jump out at you). But, if you are looking for an experience that we like to call a FishingEarth fishing experience, we are definitely the mob for the job.

What is a FishingEarth fishing experience? First of all, we work with you to find the best dates that work with your availability. FishingEarth understands that your availability is not always smack bang in the middle of the best fishing dates of the year. Your calendar permitting, we work to get you into these dates. If your availability does not match up with cracking dates we work with you to find potentially another location where the fishing conditions are going to be better. We work with you to find the best possible option. FishingEarth does not look to merely slot you in somewhere and forget-about-it.


Sunset Barra Staaton River Cape York ‘Crocs & Barra’


Our support does not end the moment that you book a fishing adventure. We keep in regular contact with you to make sure everything that you need to do regarding flights, accommodation and visas are sorted. Speaking of flights we believe that there are two places worth being when going on a fishing adventure one of them is at the actual location, and the other one is safely home. Every effort is made to make sure that you have the absolute minimum wait time in airport lounges.

We make sure that any medical and/or dietary requirements are known by the location well in advance. Even though you are going fishing, you may not enjoy eating fish every night we make sure the location knows what you want. Where possible we also make sure they have your favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. FishingEarth makes sure that you have all of the right gear you need right down to the type of footwear you need at night.

We understand that everyone has different medical needs and we also understand that everyone has different insurance needs. FishingEarth makes sure that these are all covered off before any booking is made.

As much as we love booking people in for a FishingEarth fishing adventure our number one priority is that you have a safe and enjoyable trip and you get home safe and sound.


Love fishing with family. Mum with a 970 barra


I would like to introduce you to the the global FishingEarth team:

I met Gillie many moons ago on a remote airstrip as he and his father about to embark on a week’s flyfishing in some of the most remote countries on earth. As he exited the Cessna 402, his father handed him something which just happened to be the seat that broke as they took off 2 1/2 hours previous. No stress no fuss he merely said I might want to find something comfortable to sit on. A friendship was instantly formed.

That is Gillie (Managing Director FishingEarth North America) with his thumb up fighting a good-sized GT up and the Northern Territory, Australia. The other chap is Doug (CEO and founder of FishingEarth) looking pretty happy with himself.


Gillie working hard on a big GT & Doug just happy

Gillie Greenberg Managing Director FishingEarth North America (adventure fisho, writer & fly fishing explorer)

The aptly-named Gilad Greenberg, known by most as Gil or Gillie, has always felt most at home when on the water. Growing up in Toronto, Ontario, he spent his summers bass fishing with his uncle and father. At the age of 18, Gil bought his first fly rod to experiment with on an annual family fishing trip. Armed with the knowledge one gains from watching hundreds of online how-to videos, Gil managed to land 6 decent pike on his first morning. As many great fishermen before him, he was instantly hooked on the fly. 

Upon finishing his military service a few years later, Gil moved to Australia to study marine biology at James Cook University, located right on the Great Barrier Reef. Spending more time on the flats than in the classroom, Gil became obsessed with fly fishing as a way of life. It was a steep learning curve but with the help of his fishing partner Brad Morris and his mentor Bill Mitchell, he became quite a proficient angler and placed well in local tournaments.


Gillie with a  Solomon Islands Mangrove Jack



Canadian Pike. No matter if the weather be hot or cold me have you covered.



Gillie ‘where next?’ Arnhem land, Northern Territory Australia


Being able to combine fly fishing with marine biology has granted Gil access to contacts and locations that most anglers can only dream about. In 2015 he was offered a job by the German government to gather fisheries data as part of the Choiseul Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation project. The project was located hundreds of miles away from civilisation as we know it, in a remote corner of the Solomon Islands. The process of spending a season off the grid and living off the sea solidified his dedication to fishing as a way of life. In total, Gil has fished over 20 countries, spanning 5 continents.  He brings experience, passion, and enthusiasm to the FishingEarth team.

“My favourite part of fishing is not about catching the fish, but learning how a fish interacts with its environment.  I tend to always ask myself why a certain fish is where he is or why he is behaving in a particular manner.  If after a day on the water I am closer to answering these questions, I consider the day a success.”


That not a fish… That is a spectacular fly caught Payara

Behind the scenes with Doug Leoni CEO and founder of FishingEarth was launched six months before the global financial crisis. In the ten years since we have learnt a lot about more than just fishing here in Australia and around the rest of this magnificent earth that we call home. We have determined that catching fish is not the difficult bit when going on a fishing adventure. By that we mean there is so much more to catch that dream fish then the actual catching of it.

When I think about the most significant fish catches I have had in my life I have a clear recollection of who I was with. There is a stronger emotion of recognition than that of the people I was with, and that is of the times I was not fishing with those that I wanted to fish with.

FishingEarth aims to make that moment that you sit down for the first time on your flight preparing to depart on your fishing adventure that you have nothing but excitement and anticipation for your upcoming FishingEarth fishing trip. No anxiety thinking about connecting flights. No anxiety thinking about what you need to do when you land. The team at FishingEarth have it all covered for you.

As a team, we work closely with the locations that we offer to you making sure that there are no surprises. The weather gods will do as they may the fishing gods will hopefully smile at us… FishingEarth works to limit the surprises encountered that we can control


I am sure I am happier than I look Billabong Barra

Doug Leoni (adventure fisho at large, camera, film & drone specialist)

I grew up on a sugarcane farm in North Queensland Australia. The house was tucked away on the side of a rainforest lined mountain that gave us views out to the Coral Sea. Like any kid that grows up on a farm, we had daily jobs to do. My favourite job was feeding the horses in the early morning before school and in the early evenings after school. From the top of the paddock, I could see the aircraft either landing or taking off from the Cairns airport. It was pretty quiet back then, but there would always be at least one flight landing or taking off. I would daydream about the people on the flight who were either returning home or embarking on a beautiful holiday.

I’d only been on an aircraft once by that stage in life, and that was a medical emergency as I managed to drink poison that my father had stored in a glass Coca-Cola bottle. Those daydreams were the first stages of my love for travel. The idea of going to sleep on an aeroplane and waking up in a different country was as unimaginably thing that people seem to do every day.

Like most farming families we do not have much money but were ridiculously rich in food laughter and lifestyle. We got our water directly from a rainforest spring. Every morning fruit of the season would be in the kitchen. Every afternoon would be a horse riding adventure or maybe just a swim in the creek. It was the people that you were with that mattered.

I learnt then that a fresh bread roll smothered in butter with roast chicken made by my mother as we were going on a road trip holiday as she sat in the passenger seat. Was and still is today better than any extravagant meal that I have had either on my own or in situations where I may as well be alone.

FishingEarth was born out of that understanding.

I want to build a business where people that I worked with and helped find fantastic fishing adventures could ring me for a chat. Getting a photograph of a client’s daughter or son graduating from university will always be something that makes me smile.

I would like to introduce you to the rest of the team.


That is me Doug Leoni above, mosquito bites and sun blister on my lip and all. It had been a great day catching barramundi and then this little fella… who we safely unhooked and let go unharmed. It is with great pleasure that I introduce the rest of the team to you below.


There are good days fishing and then there are golden days

Captain Leo

Some people are born with certain know-how and can seem to get things done others study diligently and develop their knowledge base and ability through repetition and solving problems. Capt Leo has the best of both of these qualities. As a teenager, he would split his free time between sport, fishing and helping his father earthmoving business. Maybe the only 13-year-old on earth that could tie a fly than catch a barramundi play a game of football and then drive a Caterpillar D7 bulldozer in the one day.

His ability to get things done and solve problems has made him an essential member of the team. When something needs to be worked out Leo is to go to person.

Having spent much of his 20s and 30s travelling the world exploring new fishing locations and forming relationships with guides and local fishos alike that still are strong today some almost 25 years later.


A good skipper looks after everyone on his boat. No matter how big the boat or his clients

Michael ‘Mick’ Johnson (fisho journalist at large)

As difficult as it is to believe given the social media and marketing strength of the flyfishing industry not everyone is a devout fly fisho. Mick like everyone on the team enjoys casting the long wand (apart from Brutus) but, he does epitomise what FishingEarth is as a company. His first visit to London from the wilds of northern Australia the customs officials at Heathrow airport thought they had to be something up with this guy who was talking to everyone. He enjoys the experience and understands that people’s time is limited and without a doubt their most valuable asset. He is a strong advocate for fishing adventures with friends and/or family being crucial to our future mental health. He has heard of email, but he is the guy that you want to talk to on the phone. The chalk streams in England didn’t know what hit them when he arrived but everyone to a person enjoyed his company and they welcome him back with open arms.

Brad Mossis (fly tyer & location expert)

Don’t let the photo below of Brad fill you fly fishing permeating into his dreams he is the guy that is more excited than you are when you catch a dream fish on a fly. A lot of Brad’s early travels were with the Australian Army deployed on a number of peacekeeping mission. His early flyfishing stories often are in locations you probably only get to as part of a peacekeeping mission thankfully some of those locations are experiencing more significant levels of stability and peace. When you ask Brad about his fishing bucket list make sure that you have a spare half day… When you get to the end of his list, you will know that he has some of the places half a dozen times. If you have another spare hour, ask him why he wants to go back to these locations again. Summarising his response will go something like this: ‘last time I was there we noticed that a number of the fish were sitting deeper than we anticipated. Therefore we missed an opportunity to see what size was sitting in those deeper holes. I’ve tied the perfect flies for next time’. Whenever that may be


Brad is a passionate fly fisho. He can tie an amazing fly as well. But, when a mate gives him a spin stick and a soft plastic he will always give it a crack.

Dave Leoni (helicopter pilot & backcountry heli fishing guide)

Working as a qualified diesel mechanic on a truck one afternoon, Dave, decided that he was going to follow his uncle’s path and become a helicopter pilot. 12 months later he started his career flying helicopters (R22 Robinson’s) mustering million acre property is in northern Australia. Having grown up on a cattle station himself, he felt as though he was back home. Glen Eagle had almost 30 miles of river flowing through it which was full of one of Australia’s best freshwater sports fish the sootie grunter. After days mustering or fence fixing day would take himself down to the river fishing until dark. Australian helicopter pilots are in demand all around the world, and it wasn’t long until he was travelling the globe flying helicopters servicing and repairing high-voltage power lines.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but helicopter pilots seem to be treated like demigods wherever they go. Everybody wanted to take Dave fishing… Now that he has almost 20 years flying under his belt he is becoming known as the go-to pilot for Heli fishing the remote parts of northern Australia. Dave’s mechanical and helicopter flying experience is helping us build new relationships with remote locations looking to create their own fishing mecca.


It is not all about flying helicopters. Sometimes you gotta be on the water driving the boat.

Stuart ‘Banjo’ Mason (writer, muso & fly fisho)


Daniel Favato  (camera specialist & adventure fisho) 


Craig ‘Brutus’ Newbold (big game specialist & logistic expert) 

Lee Marvin, Jack Erskine and Patrick Gay put the big game fishing in far North Queensland and Lizard Island on the map. They created a whole new industry for those that want to catch the worlds most iconic weighted fish the one thousand pound marlin. Jack Erskine was at the forefront of big tackle innovation developing new methods to stop these monsters of the Coral Sea. It is not just the boats in the tackle that changed, but the skippers that were driving the boats became known as some of the best on the earth.

20 years ago a charter boat skipper from down south decided to give it a crack and ventured up to Cairns the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and indeed to the Coral Sea grounds where these monsters are caught. More thousand pound fish I caught each year in the waters north of Cairns then the rest of the world combined Craig hit the ground running getting a job as a deckhand under one of the most respected game boat skippers in the business.

Apart from the learning curve, Craig found that there was an inordinate amount of time where everyone was seemingly doing nothing. Yes, the skipper was busy making sure that the baits are in the right spot at the right speed. It is during these downtimes that Craig not only learn how to be a game boat skipper, but he also discovered a new style of service and entertainment for the clients.

It is that expertise that makes him a valued member of the FishingEarth team. There is not a problem that he cannot think through and work out a solution for when it comes to a fishing adventure/charter. His meticulous attention to detail keeps us all on top of the job at hand, and that is getting you to the best fishing locations on earth and then back home safely.