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The FishingEarth Difference – What we do: provides everything you need to know about fishing adventures in anywhere in Australia, or for that matter anywhere on earth.

We cover everything from the fish that can be caught, to the styles of fishing that can be enjoyed, the best places to fish and useful information on fishing tours and trips. If you something in mind, then we can help to create your fishing adventure for you.

As well as providing information on fishing FishingEarth works closely with regional businesses to bring you the best local information on our FishingEarth destinations. Information such as where to stay if you’re on a budget, activities for the kids, or where to get a great cold beer or a freshly made burger – these are all important when you’re on holiday.

Whether you’re local to the region and want to use as a reference guide to all things fishing, or you’re an interstate or overseas angler who wants information and assistance on creating the fishing adventure of a lifetime, we are here to help.

How to book:

1)      Browse through our fantastic range of destinations

2)      Contact us on 0447 789 777 or email

3)      We will book your destination and provide you advise on what you need to bring

We will provide you with simple advice, book a fishing trip for you and the family to enjoy on your FishingEarth Fishing Adventure, or create and take care of every detail of your FishingEarth Fishing Adventure.

Not ready to book right now? Then register your details with us today and we’ll provide you with regular updates on the latest fishing news, competitions and special deals. Or call us on 0447 789 777  and discuss your fishing adventure plans.

Family Fishing Adventures

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Behind the Scenes with Doug, founder FishingEarth: has been a dream of mine for a number of years and now after almost 10 years in the business we know what we are doing.

Born and bred in North Queensland, I’ve grown up with a passion for fishing and a determination to develop that passion into a business that helps others to enjoy their passion for fishing.

Growing up on cane farm on the outskirts of Cairns and then a cattle station on the Herbert River three hours south west of Cairns gave me plenty of opportunities to fish as a kid. With every available moment spent fishing rives, estuaries and reefs around North Queensland. Some of my happiest memories as a kid are times when I had a fishing line in my hands with friends and family.


As a kid I would watch the Qantas ads with the Peter Allen song ‘I still call Australia Home’ I was fascinated by the images flashing before my eyes on the TV. So like many Australians the travel bug bit me in my early 20s and I spent quite a bit of time firstly traveling to remote locations in Western Australian and the boarder of Queensland and the Northern Territory as an exploration field assistant in the mining industry.

I spread my wings a little further and headed to Europe in search of great adventure. Landing in London I spent every available pound on plane and train tickets, seeing as much of Europe as I could, whilst working in Finance for several large companies.

Of course, there has never been a place on Earth that I have travelled to without some type of fishing rod or line. I have fished the Thames in London, fly fished the tidal waters around Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy France, fished the waters off Sydney, Perth and Melbourne, hunted wild brown trout in Tasmania’s lakes and rivers and fished Victoria’s trout streams just to name a few locations.

Plan your Getaway with FishingEarth

FishingEarth offers you the best fishing charters, fishing adventures, corporate retreats, holiday destinations and family adventure holiday packaged and destinations throughout Australia and beyond. We have researched the best possible tides, in the best possible locations – accurate tides and a well planned holiday or adventure by professional’s means the difference between an awesome fishing trip and a very disappointing adventure. Avoid disappointment and contact FishingEarth today – we are independent fishing adventure and fishing charter specialists. Stress free holiday and adventure bookings.

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