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    The Emerald Lady is a 115ft Benetti motor yacht based in Port Douglas, Far North Queensland. Those fortunate enough to embark on her for their fishing adventure will be some of the most fortunate fishos in Australia that week. 


    FishingEarth Quick Facts


    Emerald Lady Sports Fishing Charters

    The superyacht:

    The Emerald Lady is a 115ft Benetti motor yacht based in Port Douglas, Far North Queensland. Those fortunate enough to embark on her for their fishing adventure will be some of the most fortunate fishos in Australia that week. 

    The emerald lady is undoubtedly an incredible vessel with 35 m of everything you can think of for your fishing adventure. She even has a helipad if you fancy arriving in James Bond style.
    A client passed on some feedback recently about his trip. He said his crew was thinking about getting a helicopter to take them to Lizard Island for some sunset drinks. They all found out that once they got on the incredible Emerald lady, there was nowhere else that they wanted to have sunset cocktails apart from her upper deck.
    Emerald Lady is perfect as a mother ship for game fishing and sports fishing adventures.
    Accommodating up to 10 guests with a highly experienced crew & onboard private chef. Contact us to chat about the different accommodation configurations. Be sure, however, everyone will be sleeping comfortably. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system. Spending a week on the Emerald Lady surrounded by some of the world’s best Bluewater Sports fishing locations in serious comfort is a bucket list item you’ll want to tick off again and again.


    Travel Earth Emerald Lady

    The Location:

    Back in the 60s and 70s, the Coral Sea was this mystical location known for producing more thousand pound Marlin than the rest of the world combined. That’s probably still true today. However, we feel as though the Coral Sea offers so much more than that. There is no doubt that other locations offer incredible fishing for certain species. For example, the Rowley Shoals have tremendous numbers of sailfish and small Marlin. There is nowhere on earth that can match the species and the abundance of each species in the Coral Sea.  
    Just look at the photo below. I do not think 50 visits to that area could even cover 20% of the fishing.





    Coral Sea Sports Fishing more than you can poke a rod at

    The Location continued:

    Undoubtedly, if the weather were consistently better, there would be a million motherships and fishing resorts all over the northern Great Barrier Reef (Coral Sea). To me, that is what makes it unique there are no crowds. It is not very often that you even have to share your horizons with anyone else. This is a place you go and get the job done. There is one thing for sure you will get there in style and comfort with the Emerald Lady. There is no better place on earth to go blue-water sports fishing.



    Location target species: 

    GT (Giant Trevally), Dogtooth Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Wahoo, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Northern Bluefin, Tuna, Coral TroutGolden Trevally, Fingermark, Queenfish, Black Jewfish, Mangrove Jack, Barramundi & Milkfish

    The Accommodation:

    Not that everything else on the mothership is not pretty unique. But the accommodation is where things get luxurious. Four bedrooms, two deluxe master VIP rooms, and 2 x deluxe shared cabins. There will be no 30-second showers on this yacht, and you will not need to run around in the shower to get wet! She can accommodate up to 10 people, and the six crew will serve you and your fishing friends well.


    The food:

    The food is fantastic! Your chef for the week with speak to you about what you like and do not like. Whether it is your lunch on the go when fishing or yummy pre-dinner nibbles, you will always be looking forward to the next meal. 


    The Emerald Lady:

    One hundred fifteen feet of your fishing paradise! Built by Benetti Super Yachts with a beam of almost 22 feet, she rides and sits nicely in the water. She is no chug-a-lug either, with twin Cummins N14 480HP getting you there in style and at a good speed. 

    I remember on a mothership adventure once sitting on the top deck wondering if we were going forward or… In 2019 two million dollars was spent on a splendid refurbishment. 

    State of art upgrade to AV and entertainment systems including Foxtel, Netflix and stored folio of movies.

    Wi-Fi capabilities

    Large fuel capacity and fuel transfer capabilities to complement mother shipping and heavy-tackle adventures. To be sure you will not be going off looking for fuel. 



    Fishing Boats:

    5 x custom built tenders delivering the perfect platform for any adventure

    1 X “Reel Deal’ | 10m centre console Seacraft built to specification to optimise the fishing experience, with twin 300 hp Suzuki outboard engines

    2 X Norman Wright built 4.8m tenders | 50hp Yamaha outboards

    1 X Polycraft 4.5m vessel | 50hp Yamaha outboard

    1 X 6 m AB inflatable | 90hp Mercury outboard customised for scuba diving




    FishingEarth Quick Facts

    Target Species:

    GT (Giant Trevally), Dogtooth Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Wahoo, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Northern Bluefin, Tuna, Coral Trout, Golden Trevally, Fingermark, Queenfish, Black Jewfish, Mangrove Jack, Barramundi & Milkfish


    Charter Operation Dates

    The Emerald Lady is available for charter all year round. The only time she is not available is when she is up on the hard getting work done on her. 



    Like the fishing, there are more packages than you can poke a fishing rod at. FishingEarth works with you to find the perfect fishing itinerary for you and your fishing friends. 


    How to get there

    Time is important to you! The team at TravelEarth works with you to make sure as little time as possible is spent at airports waiting. We want you on your charter as soon as possible. 



    Q – Do I need my own fishing gear?

    a) You are more than welcome to bring your own fishing gear or you can use their quality fishing gear. It is always important to make sure you know the rules with your airline for weight and length. If you decide to do any helicopter transfers we will let you know what weight restrictions you have. 


    Q – What type of fishing is the area famous for?

    a) The Coral Sea will have you keeping fit with the incredible variety of sports fishing species to target. 


    Q – What is the weather like?

    a) Robin Williams from ‘Good morning Vietnam’  It going to be HOT. Depending on the time of the year and the weather conditions. We will talk to you about the expected conditions. Remember the mothership has fantastic air conditioning


    Q – What else is there to do?

    a) At the end of each day, you will cherish your hot shower and look forward to some pre-dinner nibbles. Followed by a delicious main meal accompanied by some nice cool drinks. All this while discussing with your guide as to the plan for the next day. As this is your private fishing charter for the week. You get to set your itinerary in most parts. 


    Q – What does Travel Earth recommend when you are on this charter.?

    a) Do not cook yourself early in the trip. There is something that over excited lets go and go and GO. Make sure you rest and keep lots of water up. If you are feeling a bit cooked on any day please let your guide know. 


    Q – Passport Information

    a) Only if you are visiting Australia from over seas. We do always recommend that you have some legal identification with you when traveling as all domestic airport require identification. Even the super small ones will be asking you for ID. When entering or departing Australia you will be subject to the passport control laws at that time. 


    Q – Covid 19 information 

    a) As we all know the laws, rules and regulations are changing all the time. We will give you any updated information we have when booking the charter. Indeed we will keep you updated the throughout the whole process until you are back home safely. We do not recommend traveling if you have tested positive. 


    Q – Can we drink the tap water?

    a) Your crew will let you know about the drinking water. Please be sure there will be plenty. 



    GT (Giant Trevally): 

    Giant Trevally have also been referred to as being the gangsters of the flats, reefs and well anywhere else you come across them. They have a reputation of being thugs. I don’t know anyone on this earth that has caught a GT and called it for a smaller fish. If you catch a 20 kg GT you think it’s a 50 kg GT if you catch a 2 kg GT you think it’s a 5 kg GT they just have strength of very few other fish. One of my favourite fishing experiences is to see a client hook up to a monster. If you have the opportunity to tangle with a fish in that monster range (40 kg and over) the fish has to make a number of mistakes for you to win the battle. I’ve never heard of anyone doing battle with a fish of that size and winning wanting to do it again straight away.

    Dogtooth Tuna:

    First of all they are technically they are not a tuna they are the largest of the bonito family. There is something about the imposing physique of a dog tooth tuna. When they are at fry stage of their journey they are more teeth than body! Dogtooth are fierce predators and I’m sure in the fish world they are the crew to be avoided at all costs. No fisho is ever really prepared for what they are about to experience if lucky enough to hook up to a 70 kg plus model. This is where every cent of the $1500 you spent on your reel comes in handy. Extremely wise investment as even the absolute top reel models don’t survive the tussle with a monster dog tooth. That moment where your fishing gear is as exhausted as you are let you know that you are indeed alive. Brutal and savage but they will have you trying again and again until you win!


    There are more monster size Marlin Court in the Ribbons area of the Coral Sea than the rest of the world combined. It is a sport that can have hours and hours of let’s say chilled captain and crew interrupted by chaos and mayhem when a big fish hits. The emerald Lady fishing charter is perfectly set up if this is what you want to experience.


    We can’t get enough of these guys/girls in that they fight spectacularly they look superb and they release well. The bait and switch technique is exciting fishing. A combination of crew and Angler getting it right and some serious fun on good quality stand-up gear. A superb way to spend the late afternoon especially if you’ve tangled with a few big fish already.


    I am always guilty of calling them dolphinfish. Even when reading a menu and I see mahi-mahi I will look up and say wow the dolphinfish looks good. Wandering around close to the continental shelf you will often find some timber that maybe from the cape tribulation or indeed Papua New Guinea. As interesting as that is what can be found around it makes for some of the best light tackle Sports fishing you will ever encounter. Those that like flyfishing woo hoo buckaroo!


    There are not many fish that will remove line from your equipment as quickly as a Wahoo. Wahoo are one of those fish that just look like they should be fast. Their streamlined body covered with oceanic war paint design. I still to this day don’t understand why submarines are not painted like Wahoo. And they are not a particularly social fish within their species. They tend to be loaners so they are difficult to specifically target but certainly the methods used in targeting most Sports fishing species in the coral sea will work.

    Spanish Mackerel:

    Who knows how many times Spanish mackerel have saved a days fishing from being disasters to well that was okay. The wolf of the sea that are fierce and most certainly don’t make it easy for you. Spanish mackerel fish and chips with a crisp green salad is my idea of living. Not a big fan of mack steaks but each to their own. Targeting Max on light gear and or fly fishing gear is tremendously good sport


    As kids we would catch these on an 80lb handline when fishing for reds. In 200ft of water you knew you had one on. Growing up to 78kg (MONSTER) they give you a chance to capture one of the ‘nicest’ fighting fish in the sea. They also love to give away their position by hanging out with Manta rays not all the time but it is a good bet. It’s pretty exciting when you’re up on a shallow reef and you see a couple of Manta rays wandering past. You just don’t know what’s going to be hanging out with them. Probably my favourite fish for making a nice spicy numus.

    Northern Bluefin Tuna:

    They are never going to rival those tuna that you see on TV shows like ‘hot tuna’ and ‘tuna wars’ they are however a superb fighting fish and release well. Always good to keep one  for predinner nibbles and/or dinner. They can certainly be frustrating when they ignore everything that you chuck at them. But they fight like rockets and if there’s a tiger shark in the area you were going to earn your sashimi.  Those flyfishing will have an absolute blast as there is only two speeds for northern bluefin tuna and that is fast and stupidly fast. Please remember if you decide to keep one too bleed them quickly and make sure you get all of the blood out. That bit of effort takes them from a 5 out of 10 to 8 10 out of 10

    Coral Trout,

    Popper fishing for Coral Trout in a couple of feet of water is one of them fishing moments you will never forget. I always feel as though they know when you start to daydream as you bring your popper back to the boat. That moment when you’re thinking about anything else but fishing and then suddenly smash bang pop! One of the advantages of coral trout fishing is a coral trout dinner. I often hear people say that coral trout is overrated on the dinner plate. Who knows what they are comparing them to.

    Golden Trevally:

    Those that like the long wand have always loved targeting Golden’s. They are never going to be as big and fierce as their good friend the fearsome GT but they will always test your skill and a superb target on light tackle. After spending most of the day chucking massive poppers at big bad GT it’s a nice change to get up on the flats and Finesse your fishing.


    Without a doubt the Northern Territory is spoilt when it comes to numbers of finger mark or as they like to call them golden snapper. They readily take a fly or lure and will keep you busy and test your skill and indeed your gear. Many will say finger mark is Australia’s best table fish! Always good to catch and another one of those superb Sports fishing Fish that release well.


    When you see a Queenfish working bait or cruising along the edge of mangroves they look majestic and indeed powerful.  Once you have hooked one they turn into an acrobatic monster. Many get complacent when a big Queenfish smashes their popper but they go as hard as they can.

    Black Jewfish:  

    There was a time when the Black Jewfish was targeted as they fight as hard as anything in deep water. The last big one I witnessed caught we called it for a decent to big shark as it just would not turn its head up. Caught in deep water they do not release well. There is strictly no limits and do not target laws.

    Mangrove Jack: 

    What the Dogtooth is to the deep blue Jacks are to estuary fishos. They come out of their house and move past their pray (your lure or fly) and then smash it on their way back home. They release well and if you choose to keep one or two on your trip they rival Fingermark as one of Australia’s best eating fish.


    Monster Black Marlin put Australia on the sports fishing Map. Barramundi kept those early sports fishing tourist in the north that one week longer. From time to time you get a fish that seems to not fight as hard as you had hoped. I would say without a doubt Barramundi (barra) are my favourite fish to target. Get your guide to turn off all their fancy sounder gear and go and hunt a few barra.


    Have you ever gone fishing and hooked a train or an Italian sports car… Although I have not hooked either a train or a sports car I have hooked plenty of Milkfish and I would compare them to a supersonic missile. More common on fly but holy heck!



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