Spanish mackerel, also known as narrow-barred mackerel, are among Australia’s most sought-after sportfish, renowned for their fighting spirit and delectable taste. These speedsters are the largest of their kind found in Australian waters and are especially prized among recreational anglers for their challenging catch and culinary rewards.



Found primarily in tropical waters, Spanish mackerel often venture into southern regions when warm currents expand their reach. Common hotspots include Northern WA, the NT, and along Queensland’s coastline, though adventurous fishers have snagged them off Perth and the NSW south coast under the right conditions.



These fish are a spectacle of aggression, making them thrilling to target with lures and live bait. Known for their impressive teeth, Spanish mackerel are not shy about causing havoc to your tackle, so expect some gear casualties if you’re dangling pricey lures!



Given their sharp teeth, incorporating a short wire leader is crucial to protect your lures. Lighter wires might attract more bites but beware of big mackerel capable of biting through. Whether you’re live baiting or trolling, opting for a 30 cm wire with dulled swivels helps avoid unwanted attention and keeps your setup intact.



Spanish mackerel are indeed a reliable catch for sport fishers, adaptable to various fishing methods whether it’s trolling, baiting, or casting. They prefer deeper structures but will chase bait in shallower areas, providing multiple opportunities for anglers. Lighter tackle can provide an exciting challenge but don’t underestimate the need for sufficient line capacity to handle their vigorous runs.



So why not plan your next fishing adventure targeting these magnificent creatures? With their speed, agility, and taste, Spanish mackerel offers an unparalleled fishing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a curious novice, these fish promise action-packed outings and the satisfaction of a rewarding catch. Grab your gear and head out – the Spanish mackerel are waiting!


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Fly fishing for Spanish mackerel is an exhilarating experience that combines skill, timing, and a bit of luck. These sleek and speedy predators are known for their aggressive behavior and acrobatic fights, making them a thrilling target for fly fishers seeking a challenging catch.


Spanish mackerel, with their streamlined bodies and razor-sharp teeth, are typically found in the warmer waters of Australia’s tropical and subtropical coasts. They are a highly migratory species, which means that targeting them with a fly rod requires knowledge of their seasonal movements and feeding habits. The best times to target them are when they chase baitfish schools, often indicated by diving birds and surface splashes.


When fly fishing for Spanish mackerel, the choice of equipment is crucial. A sturdy 8 to 10-weight fly rod paired with a saltwater-resistant reel spooled with a high-quality sinking or intermediate fly line gives the best balance of control and power. Leaders should be robust, typically made of heavy monofilament or fluorocarbon, with a wire tippet to prevent bite-offs from their sharp teeth.


The flies used should mimic the small fish that mackerel feeds on. Patterns like the Clouser Minnow or Surf Candy in silver, blue, or green can be particularly effective. These should be cast into or near the schools of baitfish and retrieved quickly to mimic fleeing prey, often triggering explosive strikes.


Casting for Spanish mackerel can be as much about strategy as it is about skill. Positioning yourself upwind from feeding frenzies and casting into the action can increase your chances of a hookup. Quick, sharp retrieves with occasional jerks mimic the panicked movements of baitfish, making your fly an irresistible target.


Fly fishing for Spanish mackerel is not just a test of angling prowess but also a deeply rewarding way to engage with the raw beauty of nature. The thrill of hooking a fast-moving mackerel on a fly, feeling the sudden rush as they take off, and the satisfaction of successfully landing one are what make this type of fishing particularly memorable. Whether you’re a seasoned fly fisher or new to the sport, targeting Spanish mackerel offers an exciting and dynamic fishing experience.

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