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    Dhipirri Barra Lodge is situated on the mainland between two major rivers: The Glyde and Woolen Rivers. Approval from the local traditional owners has been granted, allowing access to these two major rivers plus coastal reefs.  Dhipirri Barra and Sportfishing are the only guided fishing charter company that has exclusive rights to operate in this particular area. The Glyde, located approx 5km west of the lodge, is fed by the infamous Arafura Swamp, which is a magnificent breeding area for the barramundi. The main target is the elusive barramundi along with threadfin salmon and an abundance of mud crabs in the tributaries. The Woolen, which is located approx 5km to the east of the lodge, is a predominately tidal river. Framed by rocky headlands with the mouth being 90ft deep in areas, it opens up into numerous mangrove and rock bar lined estuaries. Target species include barramundi, mangrove jacks, around the mouth the pelagic species dominate with giant trevally, queenfish, and northern blue tuna. Reef fishing species include golden snapper, coral trout, black jewfish just to name a few… The lodge will be running 4 x 6.2mtr brand new Bar Crusher boats with 150hp Suzuki motors. These boats will fish a maximum of 3 per boat. They will be in 2D Marine survey which will now fall under the Australian Marine guidelines.

    Location Species  

    Barramundi: This is where the serious barra fisho’s come to fish. After a good wet season, there are very few better places on this earth to fish for big barramundi. The barramundi fishing is as diverse as you will come across with good fish been found in the snags along the mangrove creeks or indeed in the deeper snags or drains of the many creeks and rivers that they have the exclusive fishing rights to. .


    GT (Giant Trevally), GT are also been referred to as being the gangsters of the ocean.  Big GT is going to test your equipment and your fishing skills. I have encountered monster GT when fishing deep in the mangroves for barramundi that has made me look foolish for casting at them. 

    Coral Trout, When it comes time to catching dinner there are few better fish. The coastal/beach reefs around the island hold trout up to 12lb not bad off the beach!! 

    Spanish Mackeral, The Vincent van Gogh of saltwater sports fish. These are a beautiful looking fish that make you earn your reward. Fast powerful and dirty fighters. Just when you think you have them subdued they see the boat and burn off with another hundred yards of line.

    Barracuda,  They come in two sizes up in our parts. Small and annoying and massive followed by a Holly Crap!!  

    Northern Bluefin Tuna, For those of you that have never seen 400 yards of backing strip off your fly line in 30 seconds, this is the fish for you! Not a lot around in November but that’s good we want you fishing for the fish below.

    Golden Snapper: It would be difficult to find a better-eating fish in the oceans around the world than the Northern Territory golden snapper. In Queensland, they call them fingermark but up here they are golden snapper and the numbers are incredulous. For those of you that like flyfishing this is an opportunity that you will have to catch big fish on the fly.

    Queenfish:  probably one of the worlds most underrated sports fish. True a small queenfish will yield to the boat reasonably quickly. Anything over a metre long is going to give you a fight and aerial display few fish offer. One of my favourite fish to target although I do like to use barbless hooks when targeting them. 

    Threadfin Salmon:  just goes to show how spoiled we are in Australia without Sportsfishing species. With the golden snapper is one of the best eating then king salmon as they are also known are up there as one of the best. Interestingly they fight better than any coast to/estuary fish you will come across. 

    Mangrove Jack: Coral trout hit like a steam train and mango Jack hit like an out-of-control steam train. Fantastic hunters they venture out from there cover swim past your lower or fly and smash it on the way back to its home. Also, one of the best eating fish you will come across.



    If like me you dreaming of fishing the Northern Territory constantly reading articles about the insane fishing opportunities and the TV shows made it look like you just need to look at the water to catch a fish. Although it is not as simple as that the fishing in this part of the Northern Territory is as good as it gets no matter what tired you are fishing on.
    The guides offer first-hand knowledge that only comes about from hundreds and hundreds of hours hunting and stalking some of the worlds best sports fish. It wouldn’t be unrealistic to say that you could catch over 50 species in a visit to the lodge.
    The Northern Territory is one of the best places in Australia to target the biggest and best Sportsfishing species no matter what style of fishing you like. Dhipirri is going to offer you a comfortable lodging and fantastic Sportsfishing.

    Location Facilities 

    Some of the stories from the 80s and even 90s regarding the facilities at different sports fishing locations around the world are well and truly varied when it comes to locations like Dhipirri. The facilities are superb given the proximity to the nearest… Well, anything at all you have to say you are in comfortable lodgings.
    The food is perfectly suited for the location and your afternoon chat after a day’s fishing is going to be something that you look forward to every time you visit Dhipirri.
    This is Northern Territory Sportsfishing at its best.


    Meals & Drinks

    Every meal is prepared by our resident cook, who takes delight in exceeding your culinary expectations. Our mouth-watering meals are not complicated, but the quality of the food will have you feeling as though you were being served at a 5-star restaurant. We understand that you are not escaping the hustle and bustle of the real world to then encounter complicated food. The island has access to some of the best seafood in the world, and they present this wealth simply and deliciously.

    Getting there

    The team at FishingEarth will work with you to put together the most cost-effective and time-efficient travel plans for you. We will work with you to make sure that your budget and time limitations are taken into account and the best route there and of course the best route home. At FishingEarth we get excited for you when you are going on a FishingEarth Fishing Adventure. But the thing that makes us smile is when you walk in your front door ‘home’ safe and sound.


    Charter Dates

    The first week in March through to the 20th of December. Typically the charters are five days and six nights or six days and seven nights.

    Package information

    Typically the charters are five days and six nights or six days and seven nights. But, arrangements can be made for shorter or indeed longer trips.


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