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    Imagine sandy white beaches, hammocks overlooking pristine waters, indulging in local seafood and scrumptious meals prepared for you, and unbelievable fishing. You will be truly relaxed after a stay with CY Fishing Charters.

    FishingEarth Quick Facts


    The Location


    Imagine sandy white beaches, hammocks overlooking pristine waters, indulging in local seafood and scrumptious meals prepared for you, and unbelievable fishing. You will be truly relaxed after a stay with CY Fishing Charters.

    Whether you prefer to spin, fly, or bait casting, numerous fishing options are available — this is the beauty of Cape York fishing. For starters, try the nearby rivers, creeks and estuary systems for barramundi. Cruise the flats and sight cast for a myriad of species in this remarkably productive ecosystem. Try reef and bottom bouncing for reds, coral trout, fingermark and jewies. Troll and cast for mackerel, tuna, queenfish and more. Cast poppers for gear-busting giant trevally. Golden snapper, tarpon, red emperor and nannygai… you might even try your luck for the legendary sailfish.

    CY Fishing Charters is located on Albany Island at almost the very northern tip of Australia in the Cape York Peninsula. Albany Island is isolated from the mainland and has its own private paradise surrounded by numerous fishing options. The island is approximately 5.5 kilometres in length and about 1-2 kilometres wide. Albany, indigenously known as Pabaju Island, lies within the Torres Strait and is therefore very rich in history and culture.

    The Cape York Peninsula is a large remote peninsula located in Far North Queensland, Australia. It is the largest unspoiled wilderness in northern Australia and one of the last remaining wilderness areas on Earth. Virtually untouched, the Torres Strait islands and surrounding Great Barrier Reef are home to some of the world’s most stunning blue waters as well as an abundance of marine life including dugongs, dolphins, giant marlin, and sea turtles. This unique tropical region is home to the indigenous Torres Strait Islanders, whose culture is rich in the arts and whose lifestyle has evolved from the sea and its abundance of wildlife.


    Location target Species 


    GT (Giant Trevally), Giant Trevally has also been referred to as being the gangsters of the flats, they have a reputation for being thugs, bullish and unforgiving. They prey on almost anything that moves. From crabs, lobsters, squid, and eels to Mantis Shrimps. However, their favourite prey will be the wide variety of smaller fish that populate the shallow flats.

    Golden Trevally,“ Considered by many anglers as the most beautiful fish in the trevally family for its unique mix of colours and a variety of shades from blue to yellow, the Bluefin Trevally is a ferocious contender for the fly angler to enjoy the power of its fighting.”

    Coral Trout, The reason why Bonefish are so commonly targeted in the world of fly fishing is that they are almost always in the mood to feed and ready to take a fly. If you present the fly well enough, the chances of a Bonefish eating it are good; however, knowing what stage of the tidal cycle you are on when you are targeting Bones will help to determine where you would fish for them.

    Permit, Golden-yellow fins with big, black eyes are the most striking features of an Indo-Pacific Permit. Apart from that, they are well camouflaged on the backdrop of white sand, turtle grass or coral flats. Their body is a silver, almost mirror-like colour that reflects their habitat, making them nearly invisible to the untrained eye.

    Spanish Mackeral, The Vincent van Gogh of saltwater fly sports fishing (many look as though an artist has painted them). These are a beautiful looking fish that make you earn your reward. Fast powerful and dirty fighters. 

    Barracuda,  We love fly fishing for Barracuda because you need more than the best barracuda flies, rods, and tackle – you need your wits about you!

    Jewfish, Milkfish are usually relatively easy to spot. When fishing on the flats in knee to waist-deep water, they can usually be found in small pods cruising over algae patches. Here they can be found with their tails protruding out of the water as they feed on the bottom.

    Fingermark, Any fish that travels as part of a Wolf Pack is going to be fun on fly…  The wahoo’s speed is incredible – they get up to 76 km/h Wahoo fishing is an incredible experience!

    Queenfish, These fish may not be as famous as many other Indian Ocean sports fishing superstars but once you hook one you will be hooked yourself. Hard and strong! 

    Northern Bluefin Tuna, For those of you that have never seen 400 yards of backing strip off your fly line in 30 seconds, this is the fish for you!

    Blue Bastard, You tease the fish in and make a cast… the Sailfish takes your fly and then two seconds later it jumps 100m to your right… DAMMM you think I missed it! But then your guide reminds you of the sound of your line screaming off your reel. 

    Cobia, Spotting a Yellowfin can be sometimes difficult as they don’t like to play with their food. There will most probably be a boil on the teaser or a splash and your guide will usher you to drop your fly in an elevated tone


    The Fishing


    CY fishing charters operate inclusively out of Albany Island, which is right smack bang in the middle of some of Australia’s most fishable waters. To the east of the island is the widest point of the Great Barrier Reef. To the south, we have incredible coastal reefs to fish, as well as the Escape River and Jackie Jackie Creek estuaries with some incredible flats fishing. To the east of the island, we have some ridiculously good flats fishing along the Australian mainland coastline north and south. We have some interesting billabong fishing on the mainland as well. To the north of the island, we fish to the tip of Australia, and around the false East Coast all the way until we get to the actual East Coast of the Cape York Peninsula.

    It doesn’t matter what type of fishing you prefer, the island is perfectly situated to provide you with some incredible sports fishing action. If you are up early enough, we recommend that you take your spin rod or fly rod for a walk over to Pioneer Bay for a couple of early morning casts. The silicon sand waters hold some magnificent tropical sports species.

    **The team at FishingEarth cannot control the weather gods, nor can we control the fishing gods. What we can do is put you in the right location at the best possible time. We do not look for the best available times and tides — we look for the best time for you to be there on a FishingEarth fishing adventure. If the fish don’t bite, it won’t be because you should have been there the previous week or the week after.




    Every meal is prepared by our resident cook, who takes delight in exceeding your culinary expectations. Our mouth-watering meals are not complicated, but the quality of the food will have you feeling as though you were being served at a 5-star restaurant. We understand that you are not escaping the hustle and bustle of the real world to then encounter complicated food. The island has access to some of the best seafood in the world, and they present this wealth simply and deliciously.




    There are 2 main vessels usually available for the clients and guides to fish the vast possibilities this area has to offer. There are also two smaller vessels perfect for fly fishing or lure casting. The Island Voyager is 11.5m of fishing magic. An absolute pleasure to fish on, she was designed to cover the distances we travel as comfortably as possible. You can easily have two anglers up in front casting manically, with up to 4 people doing the same on the back deck. The Meridian is 9.5m of custom-built fishing machine. The boat was designed by Hamish to do what he does best — fish! Even though it is a smaller boat, its back deck is slightly larger than its bigger brother, and five people can comfortably fish unimpeded.

    The two smaller boats are used for giant trevally and fly angling. These are coastal boats perfect for cruising the coastal fringing reefs, the magnificent sand flats and of course, rivers and creeks as well. We fish two people in these boats.


    The Lodge


    Our key focus is on delivering the best blue-water fishing experience of a lifetime. CY Charters groups can range in size from 2 to 6 people. There is bedding for 12 people, and bigger groups can be requested. Lodging is in a two-story building with magnificent views over the water that separates the island and the mainland. Bush walks and beach hikes on Albany Island are encouraged if you are not too tired before or after a day’s fishing.

    Remote no longer means you are roughing it! Our redesigned guest house (originally the Pearl House) accommodates an individual or a group of up to 12 friends and family. You will feel right at home in our easy living accommodation.

    • Comfortable air-conditioned rooms
    • Spick-and-span amenities
    • Unspoiled backdrop
    • Intimate setting
    • Quality dining



    How to get there


    The team at FishingEarth will work with you to put together the most cost-effective and time-efficient travel plans for you. You will remain comfortable and stress-free as you journey to this fabulous location and back home again.

    Flights to Bamaga from Cairns and return are available on weekdays. CY Charters are able to get a reduced fare for their clients. Please enquire before booking direct. After landing at Bamaga, you will be met by one of CY Charters staff members and driven approximately 45 minutes to the coast. From here, it is about 10 minutes by the operation’s own landing craft to Albany Island.


    FishingEarth Quick Facts



    Target Species


    Barramundi, Fingermark  Jew Fish, Tarpon, Queenfish, Saratoga, Coral Trout,  Tarpon,  Spanish Mackerel, Cobia,  Red Emperor, Giant Trevally, Golden Trevally,  Mac Tuna, Northern Bluefin Tuna, Estuary Cod, Barracuda, Permit, Blue Bastards,


    Charter Operation Dates


    The first week in March through to the 20th of December. Typically the charters are five days and six nights or six days and seven nights.




    Typically the charters are five days and six nights or six days and seven nights. But, arrangements can be made for shorter or indeed longer trips.


    How to get there


    Working with you we typically work on finding the quickest way to get you from your door to sitting comfortably on the deck overlooking the waters of the Coral Sea with a cold drink in hand. It is our belief that it’s better to have a couple of extra hours up there than stuck at an airport or another non-descriptive hotel room. The entry points are via Cairns to either Bamaga or Horn Island if flying commercial. Other private charter options are available.




    Q. Where is Albany Island?

    A. The very last Island adjacent to mainland Australia on the east coast. Basically anywhere on the east coast of Australia head out of the coast turn left and keep going. The very last island before you get to the tip of Australia is Albany Island.

    Q. Is the water drinkable up there?

    AIn Far Northern Australia you need to keep the fluids up. Many will say loads of beer but we recommend water and lots of it. The water up there is great and there is plenty of it. Save the beer for the end of the day.

    Q. Can washing be done?

    A. Yep, each day the staff will wash anything you need washing. Good to know if you are travelling in the helicopter as you want to keep weight down so you can take more fishing gear.

    Q. Talking about fishing gear… do they supply fishing gear?

    A. Sure do! They have no issue with you bringing as much gear as you like. (there are weight limitations with the helicopter) but where there is a will there is a way.

    Q. Is there hot water?

    A. Yep, unlimited gas hot water. When I say unlimited we mean you can have a good shower to wash the day away.

    Q. Is there mobile phone reception?

    A. These days it is getting harder and harder to get away from mobile reception. If you do not want to receive a phone call. text or email we recommend you tell people you are with Vodaphone or Optus and then turn your Telstra phone off as there is ZERO reception for them (Vodaphone and Optus) up at the island. 


    Number 1 FishingEarth tip for this location.


    This is one of those locations that can be almost anything you want it to be. The perfect fishing chameleon in that if you can think of it can just about be fished for from Albany Island. Our top tip is to be organised and know what you want to achieve fishing wise.


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