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    Imagine sandy white beaches, hammocks overlooking pristine waters, indulging in local seafood and scrumptious meals prepared for you, and unbelievable fishing. You will be truly relaxed after a stay with CY Fishing Charters.

    The Location

    Faraway Bay is an inviting haven, nestled on a rocky hilltop overlooking the turquoise Timor Sea. Our Kimberley coast location,
    280 kilometres north-west of Kununurra, is a remote and spellbinding part of the Kimberley coastal region of Western Australia.
    We offer the most authentic and unique experience of any coastal camp in the Kimberley. Faraway Bay is not just another resort in a remote location. It is a unique wilderness retreat built on character and local Kimberley history, with true outback style. Faraway Bay is an experience you will never forget – it’s like nothing you will find anywhere else!

    Faraway Bay is an inviting haven, nestled on a rocky hilltop overlooking the turquoise Timor Sea. Our location, 280kms northwest of Kununurra, is in the remote and spellbinding Kimberley Coastal region of Western Australia. Offering one of the most authentic and unique experiences at a Kimberley holidays coastal retreat, Faraway Bay is not just another modern resort in a remote location – it is a unique wilderness retreat built on character, local Kimberley history and true outback style. Faraway Bay is the only land-based property that includes a tour to the iconic King George Falls in the daily package rate, along with a fly-over on your scenic flight out to Faraway Bay. You will experience nothing like it anywhere else!
    It is because of this that Faraway Bay offers a true authentic Kimberley holidays experience. Limited to small and exclusive numbers, Faraway Bay provides the ultimate setting and service. Everyone who stays at Faraway Bay has their own ultimate experience – a trip of a lifetime!
    This truly unique and multi-award-winning wilderness retreat is owned and operated by hosts Kevin and Kathie Reilly. They fell in love with Faraway Bay the moment they set eyes on it, like so many do.
    The property was acquired in 2011 from pioneering hosts Bruce and Robyn Ellison. The Reilly’s passion for the ocean and the Aussie outback is incorporated in Faraway Bay’s uniqueness and what they think is the most amazing place in Australia. They have kept it small and exclusive in numbers, which enables guests to experience that personal touch. Tours are designed around the interests of the guests staying at the time, so every day is different. Meal time is a ‘family affair’ – everyone seated around the one long table, guests and staff all together discussing the day’s adventures. Old school communication – talking at the end of the day, sharing stories with lots of laughter. It is this they believe that adds to the magical experience. In this modern, busy, hectic life that we all lead, taking time out to breathe, relax and just enjoy good company in pristine surroundings is the perfect holiday.

    Eco Retreat Pioneers

    The stunning Faraway Bay site was discovered in 1986 by former owner Bruce Ellison. He secured a rare lease over 28 hectares of dramatic coastline, with a vision to create an isolated and unrivaled luxury bush camp.

    The site chosen was a protected rocky outcrop, with outstanding views of the Timor Sea. Also close to Western Australia’s most iconic and awesome waterfalls – the King George Falls.

    Faraway Bay opened to guests in 1996.

    Aussie Spirit

    Faraway Bay has a rich history with many great Aussie tales to tell.

    The camp itself was built mostly from local materials, including massive pylons that once supported the Wyndham Wharf (180 kms away). Also used were original telegraph poles from Halls Creek (300kms away).

    After years of sharing this authentic outback experience with guests, the camp suffered a major blow in March 2005. With only a few weeks to go until the season opening, Cyclone Ingrid’s 280km/hr winds directly hit and devastated the camp. Two staff braved the storm and sheltered in a storage unit, which had been chained and concreted in place. Sadly the cabins of Faraway Bay were destroyed.

    In true Aussie spirit and with bush determination, passionate past guests and Kununurra residents volunteered to help reconstruct the camp. Labouring in over 40°C heat, it was rebuilt in just one month, opening improved and refreshed for guests in April 2005.

    Today, our guests enjoy the fruits of that labour of love.

    Accommodation in the Kimberley – Faraway Bay

    With simple and elegant cabins, Faraway Bay provides unrivalled luxury in a natural bush retreat setting. The most unique accommodation in Kimberley. 

    Our accommodation includes eight spacious, elevated cabins scattered amongst natural Australian bushland. Eachoffers complete privacy and 180-degree views of the spectacular cliff-lined bay.

    Our private outdoor showers with views over the ocean are an experience you’ll never forget. Guests regularly say to us  “that was the best shower I have ever had!”. Faraway Bay provides a truly remote wilderness experience with all the extras to enjoy in comfort and style. And while the wildlife is prolific, the neighbours are not. With a maximum of just 16 guests at any time, your privacy is ensured.

    Wake up in the morning to the gentle sound of the water lapping on the shore in the bay below, the birds serenading you – calling you to wake up and see the new day! The sunrise creating the most brilliant, vibrant red colour tones on the escarpment in the bay.

    Our Cabins

    • All cabins feature ensuites with flushing toilet and hand basin, along with a private outdoor solar-heated spring-water shower.
    • Ensemble single or king-size beds (all linen supplied).
    • A selection of luxurious, locally-handcrafted aromatherapy soaps and toiletries, including shampoos and conditioners and natural insect repellent.
    • All cabins air conditioned.
    • 240V overhead fans and lighting, with mosquito nets.
    • 240V power points for recharging of batteries, use of hairdryers etc.
    • Torches for use at night, walking to and from Eagle Lodge.
    • Coffee machines, water coolers, tea and coffee making facilities.
    • Hairdryers.
    • Private yet within close proximity to the spectacular Eagle Lodge.
    • Unrivalled accomodation in Kimberley!


    Location target Species


    Barramundi, some would say barramundi is the fish that put Australian sports fishing on the map. There is no doubt that both big marlin of Lizard Island and northern Australian barramundi are the top of the tree when it comes to Australian sports fish.

    GT (Giant Trevally), Giant Trevally has also been referred to as being the gangsters of the flats, they have a reputation for being thugs, bullish and unforgiving. They prey on almost anything that moves. From crabs, lobsters, squid, and eels to Mantis Shrimps. However, their favourite prey will be the wide variety of smaller fish that populate the shallow flats. In the buildup to the wet season, GT congregates in numbers that almost make them a pest (almost).

    Fingermark, without a doubt the Northern parts of Australia is spoilt when it comes to numbers of finger mark. They readily take a fly or lure and will keep you busy and test your skill and indeed your gear. Many will say finger mark is Australia’s best table fish!

    Queenfish,  when you see a Queenfish working bait or cruising along the edge of mangroves they look majestic and indeed powerful. Once you have hooked one they turn into an acrobatic monster. Many get complacent when a big Queenfish smashes their proper thinking I have this covered. They are as powerful as any fish in the ocean pound for pound, especially once they reach over 100 cm.

    Coral Trout, Popper fishing for Coral Trout in a couple of feet of water is one of them fishing moments you will never forget. More often than not a Coral Trout is going to come up from a depth and smash your popper, lure or jig and start to return home with power and speed. For those fishing with the long wand casting across the top of a reef at low tide with an 8# always have a spare fly line or two if you are fishing remotely as you are going to need them.

    Spanish Mackerel, unless you are fishing with 130lb big-game gear a Spanish mackerel is always going to give you a run for your money. Recently we hooked a 55 cm model on barramundi gear and let us know who was boss. Always good fun and plenty around on the right conditions.

    Golden Trevally, those that like the long wand have always loved targeting Golden’s. They are never going to be as big and fierce as their good friend the fearsome GT but they will always test your skill and a superb target for those flyfishing.

    Black Jewfish, the number of people that over the years have thought they had finally cracked the monster barramundi mark only to find that 30 minutes later they have a beautiful black jewfish. A surprise catch on barramundi gear will have you taking a nice cold drink once it has been released.

    Mangrove Jack, those of you that have caught mangrove jacks (wolves of any estuary system) just think of one of them coming in at 5.5. They fight to a factor of at least 3x so a 5kg is going to feel like a 15kg fish. A fantastic fish to target as they release well and look great in a photo. Probably rivalling finger mark as one of Australia’s best table fish

    Cobia, growing up we used to catch these on an 80lb handline when fishing for reds. In 200ft of water, you gear a great work out to be sure. Growing up to 78kg (MONSTER) they give you a chance to capture one of the ‘nicest’ fighting fish in the sea. They also love to give away their position by hanging out with Mantarays not all the time but it is a good bet. Makes them good to target on fly!

    Northern Bluefin Tuna, they are never going to rival those tuna that have become famous on TV with shows like ‘hot tuna’ and ‘tuna wars’ they are however a superb fighting fish and release well. Always good to keep one or two for predinner nibbles and/or dinner. Your guide will make sure the fish is looked after to keep its flesh in its prime. Those flyfishing will have an absolute blast as there is only two speeds for northern bluefin tuna and that is fast and stupidly fast.


    The Fishing

    Faraway Bay is home to some of the best and most diverse fishing grounds in Australia. You’ll find a countless variety of challenges with reef, bottom, bait-casting, ocean sport and estuary fishing.

    For the fishing enthusiasts we do full and half day fishing trips for exclusive Fishing Group bookings. We depart first thing after breakfast or fit in with the tides. You can fish the river and creek systems for the elusive Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Blue Nose Salmon and Black Bream, or travel out to the outer reefs for Finger-mark Baldchin Groper, Coral Trout and Mackerel.  We also trawl between the islands and coastal points where the infamous GTs (Giant Trevally) tend to roam, for those that enjoy the thrill of sport fishing that these fish provide. Enquire direct for these exclusive Tours.

    We can tailor our tours to suit from the experienced to the inexperienced fisherman, so everybody can enjoy this activity.

    Faraway Bay  can accommodate groups that solely what to fish.

    Our guides have many years of fishing experience and are more than happy to assist guests in any way.

    A full range of equipment is provided, or you are more than welcome to bring along your own.

    Our policy is on a ‘catch and release’ basis – once we have caught one for the table, we release the rest.

    General Fishing is included in our scenic boating tours, time permitting for those interested.



    Birdwatching enthusiasts or even just those that love nature in general will enjoy spotting any of the 127 species recorded  in and around Faraway Bay. The list has been complied over many years by several guides and also guests that have travelled to Faraway Bay specifically to study and photograph the Birdlife in the area.

    Whether you are sitting outside your cabin, in the hammock in the lodge or on one of the many bush walks in and around Faraway Bay you can spot many of the species listed.

    Brahminy Kites visit each morning, swooping in for breakfast on the terrace. Double-barred Finches congregate around the lodge for breakfast as well as around cabins close to the lodge. Quails love to hide in the long grass around the cabins and laundry. ‘Bluey’ our blue-winged Kookaburra likes to keep an eye on things around the lodge.

    Osprey and  Wedge tail eagles are just some of the magnificent birds guests can see while out on day tours along the coast.


    Food Holiday? Wine Holiday? Wine & Dine at Faraway Bay
    Looking for a food holiday or a wine holiday? To wine and dine at Faraway Bay’s Eagle Lodge is a unique experience and is surely Australia’s most unusual kitchen and spectacular dining room.

    Faraway Bay boasts one of the best ‘dining with a view’ experiences. Eagle Lodge is the hub of your stay at Faraway Bay. All meals are around our ‘Long Table’, and everyone dines together sharing their day’s stories as well as life experiences. Always a beautiful end to another perfect day in paradise…

    Fresh Gourmet Produce
    From your clifftop perch, feast on freshly caught wild barramundi, mangrove jack, and reef fish.  Our menu also features home-baked desserts and we source as much fresh produce from the Ord River orchards as possible.

    Continental buffet style breakfast includes cereal, Faraway Bay’s own homemade muesli, seasonal fruit platter, yoghurt, toast, butter and jams.

    A cooked breakfast is also available each day and cooked to order.

    Fruit juice, coffee and a selection of teas are also available.

    Morning & Afternoon Tea
    While enjoying your morning and afternoon activities, sample fresh fruits, home-baked cakes and biscuits, tea, coffee or ice cold drinks and our fresh spring water.

    Lunch is often one of our delicious picnics, served outdoors or on-board one of our vessels.

    Picnics might include quiche, cold or hot roast lamb or chicken, served with a selection of fresh salads.

    Salads include cold potato chunks with fresh basil and virgin oil; tomato and bacon with red onions and assorted olives; baby spinach leaves with roasted vegetables and pine nuts. Each features tasty dressings.

    Lunch is accompanied by bread or savoury muffins and fresh fruit.

    Pre-dinner canapes or plated entrees are served either on the lower local Zebra Rock floor deck overlooking the bay, around the campfire alongside Eagle Lodge,  in the Quoll Bar’s comfortable lounge area, or seated at one of the most stunning Long Tables.  As the sun sets, sit back, reflect, and enjoy.

    A sumptuous two-course gourmet meal includes:

    Main Course – fish of the day, succulent lamb, delicious pork – gourmet experience each night.

    Dessert – sticky date pudding, decadent chocolate cake, pavlova with seasonal fresh fruit – a sweet tooth delight each night.

    Available for purchase from the bar.

    Choose from quality Western Australian wines from renowned, award-winning winemaker Larry Cherubino. Varieties include Chardonnay, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot and Sparkling Brut.

    Enjoy ice-cold beers on tap as well as cocktails and spirits.

    Alcoholic beverages can be purchased from the bar. Faraway Bay is a licensed premises and abides by Responsible Service of Alcohol rules and regulations.

    Non alcoholic beverages are included as part of the day rate.

    Special Dietary Requirements
    Our menu is healthy and varied and caters to most dietary preferences. However, if you have any special requirements, we ask that you let us know in advance.

    We require a minimum of one month’s advance notice of any special dietary requirements to guarantee requirements can be met.

    The Kimberley Environment

    In the Kimberley region, Faraway Bay is a leader in nature-based low-impact tourism.

    Stringent regulations designed to maintain the integrity of the environment were applied during the development phase of Faraway Bay. And today, strict environmental care and sustainability continue to direct our day-to-day operations.

    The camp itself is located on high conservation value land that has been recommended for future inclusion into the Western Australian conservation estate.

    Heritage Value

    Wherever possible, Faraway Bay’s building infrastructure features local recycled materials or plantation-produced timber from the Kimberley. This not only ensures a strong historic connection with the local area, but also minimises our environmental footprint.

    Our development involved minimal clearing of native vegetation, with only one building requiring site earthworks. Cabins are set among undisturbed natural vegetation connected by simple gravel tracks, with two natural walking tracks to the beaches. A single track connects the camp and airstrip.

    We blend naturally into our surroundings – passing boats cannot see the camp at all!

    Research & Support

    We regularly host and consult with a range of environmental experts to monitor and preserve flora, fauna and significant sites in the area.

    Scientific programs include archaeological, cultural, ethnobotanical and habitat research.

    We contribute financially to these programs and your stay will help sponsor this important environmental work. Much of the research conducted in this harsh environment would not be possible without the support of Faraway Bay as a base for researchers.

    Nature Custodians

    Guests learn so much about the Kimberley environment during a stay at Faraway Bay.

    Browse our comprehensive wildlife profile, with photos and descriptions of common plants, animals, birds and marine life. Our reference library catalogues wildlife, bush tucker and ancient rock art.

    Mirriwong Elder and Aboriginal spokesperson for Faraway Bay, Ju Ju Wilson, contributes to the bush tucker species list and visits our camp to conduct tours. Our trained guides explore the region to assist with recording important scientific data, and regularly discover new ancient rock art and archaeological sites.

    One of our guides identified 84 of the 140 species of birds for researchers. And in 2005, our team even discovered a live freshwater crustacean that is a species new to science!

    Sustainability is Key

    Here are just some of the ways we maintain sustainability in our day-to-day operations…

    Sustainable Use of Resources

    • Water is gravity-fed from a natural fresh spring. Small guest numbers protects overuse of this resource.
    • We only provide showers and do not have over indulgent water wasting bath tubs.
    • All landscaping is natural.
    • Water is solar-heated for guest showers.
    • Solar lights illuminate pathways.
    • Office is mainly electronic and paperless – paper used is recycled.
    • All firewood is derived from the airstrip clearing or from trees blown over in the off-season.
    • Tins are crushed and stockpiled with other non-combustible rubbish for return to Wyndham.

    Natural Environment Protection

    • Small guest numbers, restricted access and use of guides minimises impact on habitat.
    • Wildlife is observed from a distance and not followed or approached.
    • Prior to the wet season, erosion control structures are placed on tracks to minimise erosion, and are later removed.
    • Biodegradable products are disposed of in a trench and regularly covered with soil.
    • Soaps and shampoo supplied to guests and washing powder are all biodegradable and locally-made.
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