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FishingEarth is the home to the best Fishing Adventures on Earth, Full Stop!! We know the best locations the best guides and the best combinations for a great fishing adventure. The team at FishingEarth knows the feeling of catching the ultimate ‘dream fish’… the anticipation, excitement, the moment when you hook your first Marlin or the moment your Barramundi jumps and you realise you hooked your first metre Barra!

Whether you’re young or old, experienced or novice, on a budget or wanting to splash some cash, there is without doubt a FishingEarth experience here that will float your boat and give you the memory of a life time.

It does not matter if you are looking for a local day charter, weekend getaway or a deluxe Fishing Lodge or Mother-ship fishing adventure FishingEarth can look after you.

GT’s are the big hitters in the fishing world

The giant trevally (GT) is a part of the Carangidae family which also includes samsonfish, yellowtail kingfish, amberjacks and the rainbow runner. GT’s can grow in excess of 90kg and have also been found in much larger sizes. GT’s virtually hunt any baitfish and use its extreme speed to cannon into their prey. Often at that speed they are slightly off target and only stun their prey and they turn and make a second supersonic run to get the last of their meal. This is why it is vital that you have your hooks razor sharp. So always carry a file to sharpen those hooks, because they might be slightly off on their first run and if your hooks are super sharp, you have a better chance off a hook up. These fish are great fun to catch but are not great for eating, so they need to be put back in the water. Even as a trophy it is better to let them go and have the trophy in your mind.

It does not matter if you are looking for a local day charter, weekend getaway or a deluxe Fishing Lodge or Mother-ship fishing adventure FishingEarth can look after you.

This guys looks GT happy

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Plan your Getaway with FishingEarth

FishingEarth offers you the best fishing charters, fishing adventures, corporate retreats, holiday destinations and family adventure holiday packaged and destinations throughout Australia and beyond. We have researched the best possible tides, in the best possible locations – accurate tides and a well planned holiday or adventure by professional’s means the difference between an awesome fishing trip and a very disappointing adventure. Avoid disappointment and contact FishingEarth today – we are independent fishing adventure and fishing charter specialists. Stress free holiday and adventure bookings.

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Because of the way that they feed they always hit at super speed. This means that GTs will hit your gear at incredible speed so high quality gear and lines are highly recommended to give you the possible chance. I know it’s exciting to get a hook up and want to get the fish to the boat as soon as possible, but try to resist the temptation to tighten your drag up with in the middle of the fight!

Many fish are lost because we think that we have them beaten and put more pleasure on the GT then we should, then they find their second wind and they are never to be seen again.

Does this guy look happy? Yep GT happy

GT popper fishing is fishing at its loudest! There is no shadow stalking like for trout in chalk streams in the UK or snowy river streams here in Australia. Out in the wilds of the Coral Sea, fishing the edges of systems from the depths for GT’s can top the 100lbs mark. Yep the world’s strongest sports fish are over the 100lbs mark!! You can be assured that if you get to tangle with a fish of this size, you will not have to make any personal training sessions for a while. When the GT’s are about you can hear the fishos long before you see them.

Popper fishing for big GT’s involves big poppers big rod top quality reels and lots of line and some cold drinks. You toss the popper as good 50m from the boat. Then let the popper sit there for a second or two and then you start winding as fast as you can back to the boat. There is no such this as winding too fast. In this case it’s the faster the better, as the more commotion you make, the more chance you have of getting the GT’s attention. And when you do, you will know about it.GT’s will not give up till they have smashed your popper. Even if you get a hit close to the boat, on the next cast, toss your popper out as far as you can again.

If you are chasing GT’s on fly speed then it is one of the significant factors to your success. If you slow down you will often see a GT’s screaming in on your fly, at supersonic speed and you miss a strip of the fly line and your fly slows down – the GT will peel off and loose all interest in your fly. Once you have your fly out there, put the fly rod between your legs and strip your line back as fast as you can. Just be mindful of where your line is going as you don’t want it wrapped around your legs or another rod in the boat. If you get a hook up from a GT, all that line and a lot more, will be leaving the boat before you have a chance to get anything out of the way. A good fish will have you down to your backing in second!

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GT Friends for life

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I have been talking a lot about big GT fishing but even the small ones are a lot of fun on fly and small spin gear, using similar methods as mentioned above. Smaller fish are caught often by fishos fishing on the beach for Whiting or Bream with beach worms, fresh prawns or yabbies’. Although not the target fish, they provide great sport fishing when not too big. If you are unlucky enough to get a bigger GT often you are left with a reel with no line on it. These smaller fish are not bad eating if you bleed them straight away and eat fresh that day. But still there are better fish to eat so they are often best returned back to the water, to grow bigger and provide better sport fishing in the future.

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This could take a while GT time

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Talking your dog for a walk GT style

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Big Black and GT

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I wonder if you could land this one on fly?

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All you need to do is call FishingEarth on 0447 789 777 or email to find out more

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Feeling Happy GT style

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The FishingEarth Experience

The team at FishingEarth have fished six of the seven continents and many of the beautiful oceans and seas surrounding these amazing land masses. The number one lesson we have collectively learned from 1000’s of hours fishing, is that often it is the people you are with that takes your fishing adventure from a good trip to a Fishing Adventure of a lifetime.

What we do

What sets us apart from your typical fishing adventure websites is that we do not need to fill seats on a boat. FishingEarth will match you with a location and charter where you can relax with great fishing conditions in an exotic getaway. We will work on making it as stress free as possible and find you the best adventure for the dates you have available. Booking with FishingEarth ensures that you will not be disappointed by wrong tides at the wrong times. We stand independently from fishing charters, which allows us to make the best decision about your trip.

FishingEarth also understand that it’s not just about catching fish… yes the fishing opportunities have to be world class but so does the guides and the equipment. Call us today and we will help you leave the old world behind and dive into a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

Book your next fishing adventure with FishingEarth today!

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If you want to find out about the weather conditions please search Bureau of Meteorology  you can look for historical information as well as current information. And please always remember to be sun smart when you are on a FishingEarth Fishing Adventure.

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