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About the location

The only way to get further north of BanuBanu in Australia is by going to Austria and we all know its way to cold there for good fishing!!

Banubanu Wilderness Retreat (Green Marker) is on Bremer Island, 13 kilometres north of Nhulunbuy on the Gove Peninsula in the north eastern corner of Arnhem Land. Nestling into the sand dunes on the north tip of Bremer Island, between two pristine beaches and rocky headlands, Banubanu is part of a greater arena of beautiful offshore islands in the Arafura Sea.

The fishing in the waters around Bremer Island is world class and the stock of all varieties is abundant. First timers guaranteed a big fish. The many local reefs are home to the other prize Pelagics, Trevally and Queenfish and to scores of other tropical reef species including those fabulous fish for the table, the Red Emperor, Jewfish and Coral Trout.

The Banu Banu Island Experience

The Yolngu who live in north-eastern Arnhem Land are its traditional owners. You can book a cultural tour if you would like to experience Yolgnu culture and art when you come to stay at Banubanu. The retreat and its fittings are made from local recycled materials. Guests are accommodated comfortably with eco-friendly facilities that ensure Banubanu and the surrounding area remain in a pristine state. Many of Banubanu’s guests agree that a better experience comes from relaxing in an ultra remote location and thats what you can come to expect from Banunabu, with no internet, no mobile phone coverage, just peace and quiet to think things over.

The food is beyond amazing with a feast that will keep you coming back for more! Enjoy the skillfully prepared food during your stay at the retreat. Delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners crafted from the freshest and finest ingredients. They also stock a good range of wine, beer & spirits, for that evening drink watching an amazing sunset.

Personally, I believe the food always tastes better when you’ve caught it yourself. Particularly if there was stalking involved and a resident chef to cook it for you. Lots of resorts offer trips to local markets with the chef. But stocking up for dinner at Banubanu Wilderness Retreat on Bremer Island, where there are no supermarkets or even corner stores, is very much a catch-your-own affair, with either a hook and a line or a three-pronged spear fashioned from a stick and bits of fencing wire. Tonight we’ll be eating mud crab – speared by me. Yesterday we feasted on Spanish Mackerel, caught by hand line, sliced and diced into sashimi by chef Max before we’d even returned to dry land. A real down to earth experience – talk about the best of what nature can provide!

Bremer Island is a speck of land less than 8km long and a little more than 3km wide and around a 45-minute boat ride or 15-minute flight from Nhulunbuy (Gove) in north-eastern Arnhem Land. It’s a beautiful place, lapped by water so clear it’s almost invisible and encircled by white sandy beaches laced with a filigree of sea turtle tracks. The bedrooms are simple, fan-cooled with an ensuite that has a composting toilet and a shower. There’s no hot water, but you don’t need it – it’s so warm up here that cooling off under a cold shower is exactly what you want. Bremer Island is surrounded by some of the country’s most unfished waters and the retreat has its own boat available for fishing trips, seafood features strongly on the menu. Bread and desserts are all made on the premises and canapes and sparkling wine are served each evening on a sunset viewing deck.

With no WiFi or mobile phone coverage it’s a beautiful spot to chill out and relax, but it’s the Yolngu culture that sets this place apart from your standard tropical island paradise experience. Bremer Island is a Registered Sacred Site, and the island is the homeland of members of the Yunupingu clan. Traditional hunting and gathering is still a very important part of life on the island and the locals are happy for Banubanu guests – and the Banubanu chef – to tag along.

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Types of Fishing

Fishing around Bremer Island near Gove Peninsula is beyond breathtaking! Marlin, Sailfish and migrating Pelagics like Spanish Mackerel and Tuna abound in the waters where the Gulf of Carpentaria meets the Arafura Sea.
A premier activity here, truly world class fishing with a myriad of species including Spanish Mackerel, Coral Trout and other prized blue water and reef fish in the waters surrounding the Gove Peninsula in North East Arnhem Land. We provide for every skill and experience level and supply fishing tackle, bottled water, bait, ice and sunscreen, but you are welcome to bring your own fishing gear. We believe in sustainable fishing and work on a policy of catch and release keeping only the fish for the tables of our guests.There are also guided activities available, the Retreat’s staff conduct various activities each day (on repayment).

MEET LOCAL YOLGNU: Folks from the island’s community acquaint guests with some of their culture:

The men teach how to make a fishing spear and use it to catch fish and mud crabs.
The women show traditional painting of shells and other artifacts and take guests hunting and gathering.
BIRD WATCHING: Trevor takes guests out early in the morning to see the many varieties that we have at the island. Prevalent amongst the 42 species sighted so far:

Sea Eagles, Ospreys, Brahimny Kites, Whistling Kites and other raptors
Terns, Boobies, Noddies, Oyster Catchers and Beach Curlews
Torres Strait Doves, White Cockatoos, Cormorants, Crows and the occasional Pelican and Brolga.
Most of the smaller uninhabited islands seen from Bremer Island are listed “Important Bird Areas” in Arnhem Land and are home to large populations of sea birds which feed off the bounty of these fish rich waters. We visit some of these islands on MV Nomad.

TURTLE WATCHING: During the nesting season we have seen as many as five new turtle nests appearing every week on the small beach in front of our camp. We steer clear of those but there is ample opportunity to see the turtles up close. We send out a member of staff ahead to locate fresh turtle tracks and radio back the locations to ensure guests can get up close to these wonderful creatures in an eco friendly way.

ISLAND 4 WHEEL DRIVE TOUR: Bremer is about the size of Lord Howe Island but is inhabited only by the retreat staff and a small indigenous community. A 3 hour 4 wheel drive tour is a must to see this pristine piece of remote Northern Territory.

MEETING PLACE: Banubanu is a great venue for meetings, small weddings, honeymoons, parties, health retreats or just a get together for friends and family a private remote area.

JUST CHILLIN OUT: No guides needed! Enjoy the total experience and bliss of the remote solitude, clear skies, swimming, beach combing and the bright starry nights around the camp fire. Most visitors enjoy the dramatic skies that appear now and again preceding the brief storms that characterize the NT coastal regions.

Banubanu Wilderness Retreat Fishing Packages

What we provide:
An exclusive fishing experience – catering for just 1 fishing group at a

Return light aircraft charter from Gove Airport to Bremer Island
Land transfers from Bremer Island Airstrip to Banubanu Wilderness Retreat
All the latest fishing equipment or alternatively you can bring your own.
No cost for loss or damage of fishing gear.
All meals and non-alcoholic drinks.
Experienced fishing guides.
Custom-built fishing vessel (equipped with safety equipment).
Accommodation at Banubanu Wilderness Retreat’s new beachfront eco tents
All permits fees
Please note the 4th night accommodation is free of charge on all of our packages!

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FishingEarth will match you with a location and charter where you can relax with great fishing conditions in an exotic getaway. We will work on making it as stress free as possible and find you the best adventure and most importantly the best tides for the dates you have available. Booking with FishingEarth ensures that you will not be disappointed by wrong tides at the wrong times. We stand independently from fishing charters, which allows us to make the best decision about your trip.

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