Australia is blessed with some of the best fishing on this earth.


That could almost be enough when describing barramundi fishing lodges here in Australia. But like the old Castrol motor oil ad ‘oils ain’t oils’ and indeed barramundi fishing lodges ain’t barramundi fishing lodges!


The truth is here in Australia you can pay anything from $15,000 door-to-door (from your home door back to your home door) down to a couple of thousand dollars or maybe less and indeed more if you really want to. The sky is the limit depending on how many people you want to fish with where you want a fish and your transportation methods. Those that want to go Heli fishing every day are certainly going to rack up not just the frequent flyer miles they are also going to rack up a reasonably decent bill.


This is how fishing is done with a mate


No matter if you want to visit the Arnhem land barramundi lodge or the barra lodge as it is called as well maybe you want to go a little bit further east and have a crack at Dhipirri Barra and sports fishing lodge. You are definitely going to find some good fish.


Dhipirra located approximately 25km South East of Milingimbi, we are the only guided fishing charter company that has exclusive rights to operate in this particular area.

We have approval from the local traditional owners allowing us access to two major rivers plus coastal reefs with > Excellent Barra Fishing > Pelagics & Reef fishing > Mud crabbing > Sight fishing > Fly fishing – tackle not included with this option


Barra Barramundi on fly


Barra Lodge: This remote and exclusive area offers first-class barramundi and sportsfishing between the months of March and November each year. Traditionally there are two peak fishing periods per year, the “Run-off” (March/April) and the “Build-up” (October/November/early December). You will primarily target the famous barramundi but you will most likely encounter a number of other saltwater estuary species such as threadfin and blue salmon, mangrove jack and black jewfish. Venturing offshore, golden snapper, coral trout, bluebone, queenfish, Spanish mackerel, broad-barred mackerel, longtail tuna, giant trevally, golden trevally, cobia, and that icon sportfish the giant herring are abundant in the warm tropical waters that adjoin the Arnhem Land coast. There may also be opportunities for freshwater fishing for barramundi, tarpon and Saratoga.


Melville Island Lodge (Tiwi Sportsfishing) Through an exclusive lease with traditional Melville Island landowners, Melville Island Lodge offers sport-fishing access to five magnificent and barely touched river systems; Snake Bay, Shark Bay, the Johnson and Jessie Rivers, and famous Goose Creek. Add to this a wide variety of smaller coastal creeks and inlets, plus a virtually untouched range of coastal and off-shore fishing options, and it’s easy to understand why the waters in and around Melville Island truly are an anglers paradise.


Two fishing rods and a crocodile


Bamurru Plains: The Barramundi is arguably Australia’s most prized sports fish and the Northern Territory’s Top End is by far the best place to target them. In the wet, the Mary River floodplains are full of water and Barra, as are the creeks of the Mary River System which adjoin Bamurru Plains. Wild Bush Fishing Safaris operate over these months and during this time Bamurru Plains is transformed into a fishing lodge, the base from which anglers fish each day. The regular operations of Bamurru Plains are much more casual over these fishing months, especially with regards to food which is a much more simple (though no less delicious!) affair.


Tiwi Islands Adventures: is located on the Tiwi Islands, a scenic 30-minute flight from Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia. We have exclusively operated here since 1998 and cater for anglers of ALL skill levels, plus small corporate groups, seeking a remote, yet comfortable, professionally guided sport-fishing experience. We provide our guests with a high-quality catch & release fishing adventure situated in a spectacular and pristine wilderness environment. Dominant fish species include barramundi, mangrove jacks, threadfin salmon, Saratoga, golden snapper, black jewfish, queenfish, giant trevally, Spanish mackerel plus 40 or more. 

Situated 60 km to the north of Darwin, Melville and neighbouring Bathurst Island are collectively known as the ‘Tiwi Islands’; the home of the Tiwi people and the home of Tiwi Islands Adventures.

Known for its tropical climate, its small and friendly indigenous population and its exclusive fishing, there is very little infrastructure on the Tiwi Islands, and they are not open to the public for tourism, except on organised trips operated by Tiwi Islands Adventures.

Our remote and remarkable area consists of thousands of square kilometres of eucalypt, paperbark and monsoon vine forest, coastal wetlands, secluded waterfalls and deserted beaches. An extensive array of the mangrove-lined river and creek systems, sand flats, bays, inlets and coastal reefs, all abundant with marine life, means the Tiwi Islands are also an unspoiled angler’s paradise.


Dinner time


We operate from two remote yet comfortable locations on the Tiwi Islands; Our Melville Island Lodge headquarters situated on the shores of Snake Bay, plus our ultra-remote Johnson River Camp situated in the picturesque upper reaches of the Johnson River on the east coast of Melville Island.

Access to the Tiwi Islands is via Darwin. From Darwin, you will be transported to the islands by light aircraft, a scenic 30-minute private charter flight.

Berkeley River Lodge: In one of the last true wilderness areas on earth, between Timor Sea sunrises and Berkeley River sunsets, the ultimate Kimberley adventure and refined indulgence await. Only accessible by air, getting to the Berkeley is half the adventure. Leave modern life far behind and relax into the rhythms of nature in your luxurious villa floating atop the coastal dunes. Be one of the privileged few to set eyes upon breathtaking wilderness landscapes by river cruise or helicopter flight.  Accessible only by air, The Berkeley River Lodge is the ultimate luxury wilderness escape, and getting there is half the adventure as you experience views of the spectacular landscapes over Northern Territory lush mangroves and Western Australia’s deep red earth and stunning bushland. Imagine your own private lodge retreat, set high atop the sand dunes where the Timor Sea meets the mouth of the Berkeley River, with 20 luxury villas overlooking the most breathtaking sunsets and sunrises.


Keeping your eye on the prize


Accommodating up to 40 guests, Berkeley is the perfect place for your private event, special occasion or corporate retreat, with event space and conference facilities available. With no phone service and wifi only available in the main lodge, a stay at Berkeley is the ideal time for you and your friends, family or colleagues to truly switch off, relax and recharge.


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