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    Tip of Australia, Cape York experience Albany Island


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    It does not matter what part of Australia you live in there is seemingly always a road heading north. We have all turned off that road into amazing locations like Byron Bay, Noosa maybe even Port Douglas. You are going to the spot where that road north, ends. There is no more left or right turns… 

    We have found this fantastic little island called Albany Island southeast of the tip of Australia. It is a location where you can keep an eye on mainland Australia but as far as those on the shores of the mainland you are a world away.


    Albany Island is your island exclusively for your time exploring the wilds of Cape York.


    There is no keeping up with the Joneses on this adventure as you are the whole neighbourhood. This is your gig, and we build your experience around what you would like to do… There are experiences  waiting for you up at Albany that you are yet to discover.


    Fishing is the main game in town targeting everything from barramundi and finger mark through to coral trout, cobia and even the occasional sailfish. while fishing is the main game in town its not the only game.


    There are plenty of walks on Albany Island itself if you fancy wandering its tracks with only your thoughts for company… Maybe a fishing rod and a cold drink as well. Collecting black-lip oysters and then using their shells to cook the kilpatrick sauce. The world is your oyster as it were.


    The tip of Australia is frequented by travellers that in many cases have spent years planning their journey. After being dropped off on the beach by GBR(see below) just a few hundred meters from the actual tip of Australia , keep an eye on the red dust on those weary travellers. Show the world that you got to the very tip of Australia without hardly a grain of dust on you.


    After a couple of fantastic days of targeting some of the best sports fish on earth on fly or indeed conventional fishing methods you may be feeling that you need to step up the adventure a little. That is where our mates from GBR helicopters come in.


    One of the cruellest ironies of visiting the turquoise waters of the tip of Cape York is that you cannot swim. It doesn’t matter how inviting the water looks swimming is not on the agenda. With the help of GBR helicopters, we can get out of dodge and have a crack at some other activities. One of these is safe waterfall swimming.


    –> Heli Fishing
    When you are Heli fishing there is no umm, should we?? You merely land and then have a crack. This is the black label of fishing… A different type of sight fishing as it were. You sight the spot from the helicopter and then you fish it.


    –> Take the crew down to Twin Falls for a swim and a BBQ
    The opening of the Cape York Road has increased the foot traffic into Twin Falls. None, however, will be popping in with helicopters and a barbecue (maybe a cheeky vodka). This is one of those experiences that will never leave you.


    –> Cultural Indigenous hunting and gathering
    The island of Australia is the oldest landmass on this earth with one of the oldest uninterrupted cultures. You have not visited the tip unless you go back with a little bit of its history and culture in your heart and maybe a new recipe or two


    –> Third party Pig hunting
    Australia seems to be a breeding ground for invasive introduced animals. The Cape York has incredulous numbers of wild pigs. Again with the help of GBR, we can organise some third-party hunting.


    Over the past couple of years, the island has started to work diligently on sourcing as much local produce as possible. We believe that the waters and lands of the Cape York Peninsula offer up some of the world’s best produce. They encourage exclusive groups to participate in the hunting and gathering of ingredients. There is also an opportunity to take part in the preparation of meals. Of course, if you want a kickback with an excellent chilled Pinot Noir or a desert dry vodka martini while the meal is being prepared… That is a tough decision that you alone will have to make.


    Albany is as beautiful as any island you will find off the coast of Australia. It has a long and rich history with both the traditional people of the area and the settlers that came later. There are some small indigenous painting sites on the island as well as some graves for early white pioneers.


    Please if you have any questions email me (doug@fishingearth.com ) or indeed give me a call 0418 777 772. I am looking forward to meeting you all.

    60 Second FishingEarth Quick Facts

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    Target Species

    Barramundi, Fingermark  Marlin, Sartoga


    How to get there

    It is our belief that everything tastes better on Albany Island. So we help organise flights to get you up there as quickly as possible.


    For non-anglers, the Lodge offers a variety of activities including scenic flights, wildlife viewing, boat tours, and seasonal bird hunting. The Lodge staff is fantastic about accommodating non-anglers and family members.


    For non-anglers, the Lodge offers a variety of activities including scenic flights, wildlife viewing, boat tours, and seasonal bird hunting. The Lodge staff is fantastic about accommodating non-anglers and family members.


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