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Types of FishingEarth Fishing Adventures

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FishingEarth Black Marlin

Game Fishing

This is where the big fish play. Northern Australia’s offshore game fishing grounds offer some of the best Blue and the best Black Marlin fishing on Earth. Coupled with that are large numbers of Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Spanish Mackerel and Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi) to keep you busy between Marlin hook ups. Northern Australia is the perfect place for your game fishing adventure.

Game fishing is not one of those sports filled with manic action every second of the day and night. That means when you don’t have a fish on the line causing mayhem, you have time to take in the environment and do some fishing meditation – that’s sitting back with a beer in hand, waiting for that moment when all hell breaks loose.

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Fishing Lodge Fishing Adventures

FishingEarth has over the last 10 years has been visiting and sending anglers to some of the best Fishing lodgers on earth. In this busy life we all seem to live these days there is little time to really get away from the world. FishingEarth knows the locations for these moments in time you get for your FishingEarth Adventure.

It does not matter where on this earth you would like to get away to we can find you a fishing lodge and a fantastic fishing tides. These lodges are great for family and friends. It is not just the fishing that is fantastic the meals and accommodation will have you wanting to revisit year after year. Sitting with one of your good friend or family member having a coffee watching the sunrise is something you will never forget.

Barramundi, Bonefish, Brown Trout or Marlin just to name a few… there is a Lodge for you. Contact us and we will help you get your FishingEarth Fishing Lodge Adventure.

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FishingEarth Mothership Fishing Adventures

Mother-Ship Fishing Adventures

If a mothership fishing adventure does not get you excited then almost nothing will. Yes there are the stories of the terribly cramped  conditions but that is not the FishingEarth mother-ship fishing adventure we want to help you find. Waking up in the morning looking out your cabin window to a new fishing paradise… that is what we are talking about.

Wild, untamed and largely inaccessible that is what mother-ship fishing can offer you in luxury.  On your live aboard mothership charter you’ll experience the best fishing that the area you visit has to offer, from rivers seldom visited, creeks untouched by human hand or game fishing you have only dreamed about.

At the end of your FishingEarth mothership adventure you will day dream till the moment you set foot back on another FishingEarth mother-ship fishing adventure.

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Fly Fishing Fishing Adventures

Stalking Bonefish across the crystal clear waters is as exhilarating as any type of fishing you can imagine. Sight casting with the long wand in hand is to some the only type of fishing there is. The adrenaline you’ll feel when you see a flash of colour and you pump your fly in the direction of the… Bonefish, Barramundi, Sailfish or Marlin is something everyone needs to feel at least once in their lifetime.

It does not matter where on this earth you would like to get away to we can find you a fly fishing adventure. For those that want to exclusively fish with fly that is not a problem or if you want to mix it up a little that can be arranged as well. FishingEarth has partnerships with the best fly fishing guides on earth and we take pride in matching you with the perfect fly fishing adventure for you.

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FishingEarth Corporate Fishing Adventures

Corporate Fishing Adventures

Fishing corporate charters are a fantastic team building adventure for groups of any size. Whether they be a relaxing day on the water or a friendly tournament over a number of days in a tropical location.

Over the years we have organised many fishing trips to cater for specialised groups including executive, corporate or private groups, large or small. These trips have ranged from river, reef to game fishing opportunities. We can also assist with accommodation, transport, motherships and general itinerary issues.

FishingEarth has a number of wonderful destinations where your corporate activities and team building take on a whole new life. At FishingEarth we understand  the importance of getting the most value from every dollar you spend on activities such as corporate entertainment and planning off-sites.

The directors of FishingEarth have extensive experience in large corporates, such as Hertz, General Electric and ANZ, which makes FIshingEarth perfectly positioned to understand your needs and requirements.

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Barramundi Fishing FishingEarth Fishing take your mum fishing

For the Girls Fishing Adventures

One of the true pleasures I have come across since starting FishingEarth is how surprised the girls are about how much they enjoy their FishingEarth Fishing Adventure as well as how good they are at fishing. Yep! Thats right how good!  More times than not the girls always get the biggest fish for a trip and this always makes for a lot of great banter each night after a day on the water.

Here are FishingEarth we want to encourage the girls to have a go no matter what the mix is of the group or groups. As much as we would love to help organise an all ‘girls’ trip we want to encourage as many girls as possible to join in on the action and have a FishingEarth Fishing Adventure.

The ‘boys’ have known of the therapeutic nature of a fishing trip since the beginning of time. And now more so than ever! As me become slaves to our phones and emails there is something amazing about getting away from these devices take in the fresh air and fresh caught and prepared meals. This experience should not be exclusively for the ‘boys’

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Father & daughter fishing adventures

Father & Son (Family) Fishing Adventures

Harry Chaplin’s song ‘Cats in the Cradle’ is not where any of us want to be with our families and FishingEarth would like help make sure that situation does not happen. Since the industrial revolution we have had more money but less and less time to enjoy our success with our family.

Over the last couple of years FishingEarth has be looking for the best places to have that family Fishing Adventure. In 2013 we had a enquiry from a Grandmother wanting to take the family fishing for five days.  There was 10 adults and eight kids and they had an adventure that I still see them talking about on facebook.

It does not matter if you are just looking for a fater-son or son-father maybe you want to take your folks away fishing. No matter the reason or combination we will find you an FishingEarth Fishing Adventure that will make sure that no one in your family will be identifying with Harry Chaplin’s song ‘Cats in the Cradle’.

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