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    The game boat Wild Turkey is synonymous with big game fishing and sports fishing in Far North Queensland. It is the game boat that year after year does the job

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    Former American paratrooper Captain George Bransford made history on September 25, 1966, when he and deckhand Richard Obah landed a 1064-pound (482kg) black marlin, the first of this size in Australian waters. Over the years the fishing grounds have attracted celebrities such as late Hollywood movie star Lee Marvin, author Wilbur Smith, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, US president Jimmy Carter and golfers Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus.

    Many people attribute to capture of the 1064lb fish to the birth of modern Australian tourism. The matter what your thoughts are on that 25 September 1966 is the date that changed big game fishing globally. More fish over the magical 1000lb mark are caught in far North Queensland than the rest of the world combined




    There are a couple of moments that were always stand out in anyone’s fishing career.

    • the first time a 10 plus pound trout points it’s nose downstream and starts peeling line off your reel.
    • that first hard run your 50lb Spanish mackerel makes when it first realises that it has been hooked.
    • the first jump of your 100 cm plus barramundi.


    All of the above moments are moments that will never be forgotten.

    The sequence of events that lead up to the moment that the worlds biggest game reel starts peeling off the line as though you had forgotten to tighten your drag up on your Bream rod. First of all the skipper calls out that they can see a fish… If it’s a monster there may be a few expletives in there as well or more to the point a couple of repeatable words in amongst the expletives.

    It is now all up to the fish to see if the skill of the crew convince the giant marlin that there is nothing unusual about this tuna it is about to eat. As Confucius says a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step… your journey is going to start with a couple of slow clicks of your big game real. Click Click… ROAR!! It’s a bit parachuting for the first time that first couple of seconds after you jump are a bit of a blur. The skipper and the deckhand will be giving your instructions… THIS IS FISHING BIG GAME FISHING.




    Every meal is prepared by the onboard cook, who takes delight in exceeding your culinary expectations. Their mouth-watering meals are not complicated, but the quality of the food will have you feeling as though you were being served at a 5-star restaurant. They understand that you are not escaping the hustle and bustle of the real world to then encounter complicated food.





    Wild Turkey is used for our Blue Water Season. It is 34 ft long and best suited for 4-6 people. A fully equipped game boat fit out with all of the bells and whistles as we search to capture the elusive 1000lb+ fish in the deep blue. With the latest and greatest Garmin sounders and radars to ensure your fishing experience is second to none, Wild Turkey is an easy choice for your next billfishing charter.

    The Iron Lady is a 65-foot luxury live-aboard motor yacht – equipped with full air-conditioning, sleeping arrangements for 8 guests (3 bedrooms all with their own ensuite), a large saloon, open-air deck upstairs and four tenders to cater smaller, more personalised daily fishing adventures. The Lady is used as ‘home base’ throughout the duration of your fishing charter with a gourmet chef on board, a hostess and multiple fishing guides plus Captain Dan – you couldn’t be better looked after during your charter.




    The team at FishingEarth will work with you to put together the most cost-effective and time-efficient travel plans for you. You will remain comfortable and stress-free as you journey to this fabulous location and back home again..


    From little things big things grow

    What a crew

    Big bait big crew


    FishingEarth Quick Facts

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    Target Species

    Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Spanish Mackerel , Cobia, Giant Trevally, Golden Trevally,  Mac Tuna, Northern Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna

    Charter Operation Dates

    September through to January.


    Depending on numbers and the type of fishing you are looking to do we develop the package around what you want

    How to get there

    One we work out where your starting point is we will get you to the Iron Lady mothership via Cairns


    Q. Where is Iron Lady & Wild Turkey now?

    A.  The Iron Lady and Wild Turkey are out with Capt Dan targeting everything from permit and barramundi through to 1000lb marlin.

    Q. Is the water drinkable up there?

    A. Yep, the boat has plenty of good drinking water

    Q. Can washing be done?

    A. Yep, each day the staff will wash anything you need to be washed.

    Q. Is there hot water?

    A. Yep.

    Q. Is there mobile phone reception?

    A. Yes and no! Depending on where you are you may have better phone reception then you get it home… But other days you may not see a signal on your phone at all.

    Number 1 FishingEarth tip for this location.

    This is the guy to fish with to get the big fish!

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