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If you can think of it we can do it

Custom Fishing Charters with FishingEarth

FishingEarth Custom Fishing Charters are just that – customised charters that provide you with a unique fishing adventure that meets your fishing dreams! If you can think of it then we can organise it – as long as it’s legal of course!

Maybe you’ve always dreamt of chasing big Barramundi across Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia in one huge fishing adventure?

Family Fishing Adventure

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Just imagine spending a week fishing the Gulf of Carpentaria from a luxurious mother ship, followed by a couple of relaxing days in Port Douglas before you jet off to the Northern Territory for five days of action packed Barramundi fishing. From there, take a few days rest in Bali and then round off your fishing adventure of a life time with a week at one of the beautiful Kimberly coastal camps in Western Australia.

If you can think of it, we can organise it

Or perhaps you’ve been tasked with arranging a boy’s weekend or stag event? FishingEarth can organise this for you there are numerous options for long weekends away for groups of up to 20. Fancy a few days fishing then followed by 2 days of dirt biking? Or a fishing, golf and white water rafting adventure weekend or week? Again there are no limitations!!

Or do you have a burning passion for a particular type of fishing or species and need a fishing adventure that takes you to all the best spots to fulfill that passion?

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For many salt water fly fishos Permit are the Holy Grail. FishingEarth can put you right in amoungts Permit in both Queensland and Western Australia. We can also through in some true Blue Aussie Bone fishing as well. FishingEarth specialises in developing tours fro specific fish when there are time limitations. Don’t want to be stuck in transit well let us develop a charter for you.

Impoundment fishing is another passion for many fishos, with an increasing focus XXXX in recent years. FishingEarth can create a fishing adventure that will take you to the best dams with the biggest Barramundi. Queensland’s east coast impoundment Barramundi trail offers some of the best fishing around, from Lake Awonga to Tinaroo Dam and Koombaloomba, there no better impoundment fishing on earth.

Or how about a fishing trip that gets you even closer to nature?

What an amazing place

FishingEarth can take you on a journey down some of North Queensland’s most beautiful rivers in a canoe targeting some of the finest freshwater fish on earth. Jungle Perch and Sooty Grunter testing your light spin gear. And there is the ever exciting Barramundi and Mangrove Jacks that often beat their smaller friends to the lure or fly.

These are just a few of the trips we’ve created for our clients in the past. There really are no limitations to the fishing adventure we can create for you. Plus all of our charters have the option of a FishingEarth team member joining you for all or part of your journey. This is perfect for the individual fishing adventurer that would like the company of a fishing fanatic, or someone to record the trip on film.charter-aboriginal-tour1

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If you can think of it, we can organise it


The FishingEarth Experience

The team at FishingEarth have fished six of the seven continents and many of the beautiful oceans and seas surrounding these amazing land masses. The number one lesson we have collectively learned from 1000’s of hours fishing, is that often it is the people you are with that takes your fishing adventure from a good trip to a Fishing Adventure of a lifetime.

What we do

What sets us apart from your typical fishing adventure websites is that we do not need to fill seats on a boat. FishingEarth will match you with a location and charter where you can relax with great fishing conditions in an exotic getaway. We will work on making it as stress free as possible and find you the best adventure for the dates you have available. Booking with FishingEarth ensures that you will not be disappointed by wrong tides at the wrong times. We stand independently from fishing charters, which allows us to make the best decision about your trip.

FishingEarth also understand that it’s not just about catching fish… yes the fishing opportunities have to be world class but so does the guides and the equipment. Call us today and we will help you leave the old world behind and dive into a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

Book your next fishing adventure with FishingEarth today!

Book your unique Custom Fishing Charter experience today by emailing us at or phone 0447 789 777 with your available dates and we will match you with an experience of a lifetime! We will make all the arrangements and provide you with advice on what to take and best of all, we know exactly what we are talking about.

If you’d like to experience the fishing adventure of a lifetime in Tropical North Queensland, we’ve put together the best fishing charters and lodges around and can help you select the trip that’s right for you.

Give us a call and we’ll take all the hassle and stress out of organising your fishing adventure. We’ll make your travel arrangements, book your accommodation and even provide advice on what tackle to take – and best of all, we won’t even charge you a premium for our services.

Call for bookings and more information on 0447 789 777 or 

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