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Johnson River Fishing Camp

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Johnson River Fishing Camp – A Camping Bushland Experience in Comfort

The Johnson River Fishing Camp represents the ultimate Northern Territory outback fishing adventure. The Camp is owned and operated by the Melville Island Lodge/Tiwi Islands Adventures team and caters for anglers seeking a remote, comfortable and professionally guided sport fishing experience. The Johnson River Fishing Camp is the place to go if you want to target huge Threadfin Salmon and Barramundi.

The fishing camp is situated in an isolated bush setting, in the pristine upper reaches of the Johnson River on the northeast coast of Melville Island. Access is via a one hour scenic 4WD ride from the closest island airstrip or by helicopter directly to and from the Camp.


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What to expect

The Johnson River has an abundance of beautiful wildlife including buffalo, wallabies, bandicoots, flying fox, dingoes, kingfishers, jabiru, parrots, eagles, falcons and hawks plus countless varieties of water birds. Exclusive fishing access to kilometres of unspoiled mangrove lined river and creek systems, inlets, sand flats and coastal reefs, all abundant with marine life – An angler’s paradise!

Dominant fish species include barramundi, mangrove jacks, threadfin, blue salmon, fingermark, tarpon and estuary cod. Off-shore we have several varieties including spanish mackerel, black jewfish, golden snapper, queenfish, giant trevally, coral trout, long tail tuna and many other species.

The accommodation and fishing trips at the Johnson River Camp are restricted to 6 guests with very comfortable cabin accommodation. You can be guaranteed that being far away from it all does not mean roughing it. All the cabins are air-conditioned with ceiling fans and comfortable king single beds. You can be sure to relax after a days finishing in a nice hot showers with flushing toilets, and a host of other creature comforts you’d never-ever expect to find in such a seriously remote fishing adventure.

Call for bookings and more information on 0447 789 777 or 

Call for bookings and more information on 0447 789 777 or 

One of the many highlights of the Camp are the delicious high quality meals. You start each morning with a hearty breakfast that includes bacon & eggs, cereals, toast, tea and coffee. Breakfast is served around 6.45am with each morning with the aim of having you on the water and fishing by 7.30am. At an appropriate time during the day, your fishing guide will position your boat in a shaded area to prepare the on-board lunch. Dinner is served around 7.00pm and as might be expected, freshly caught Tiwi Islands fish is always on our menu together with other dishes and desserts suited to our tropical climate.

These all-inclusive packages range from 4 day/5 night trips staying at our Johnson River Camp through to extended fishing safaris of 6 days or more, that also include accommodation and fishing at Melville Island Lodge and/or Bathurst Island Lodge.

How do you get to the camp? Well in style of course! The fastest way to transfer between Darwin and our Johnson River Camp is by helicopter. However, doing so adds an additional cost to your trip, but it’s a beautifully scenic flight and thrill of travelling directly to and/or from this ultra remote location is a truly fantastic experience.

Johnson River Camp guests should be aware that we operate in a remote and rugged location. Guests are therefore required to be in good health and sound medical condition prior to and during their trip. Otherwise you are in for the experience of a lifetime, a “FishingEarth” experience!

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Call for bookings and more information on 0447 789 777 or 

Call for bookings and more information on 0447 789 777 or 

The Fish

The mighty barramundi is the most famous and keenly sought fish in these waters and its reputation as being Australia’s premier light-tackle sporting fish is well earned. The Barra are prolific throughout our rivers and creeks and are caught around fallen trees, gutters, creek mouths, rock bars and sand flats. Barramundi are active all year on the Tiwi Islands with many trophy sized barra exceeding one meter in length caught (and released) by guests each season.

But, there’s a lot more to Tiwi Islands fishing than barramundi. Other species prolific in our rivers, creeks, bays and inlets include mangrove jacks, threadfin and blue salmon, saratoga, fingermark, tarpon and estuary cod. Plus, off-shore we have spanish mackerel, black jewfish, golden snapper, queenfish, giant trevally, coral trout, long tail tuna and many other species. All-up there is about 40 different species of fish in these waters. You don’t have to travel far to catch them as some of the area’s most productive fishing grounds are just a few minutes by boat from the Lodges or Camp.

All levels of fishing experience is welcomed, from absolute beginners, right through to the seasoned angler. Their experienced and professional fishing guides are the best in the business and will provide you with expert guidance that will have you confidently lure-casting and catching fish in no time. All fishing equipment is supplied (except fly fishing gear) on a replace – if lost or damaged – basis. The fishing equipment provided is of the highest standard with reels available in both left and right hand wind. Naturally, if you prefer to bring your own rods and reels with you (as many regular guests do), then please feel free to do so.

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The FishingEarth Experience

The team at FishingEarth have fished six of the seven continents and many of the beautiful oceans and seas surrounding these amazing land masses. The number one lesson we have collectively learned from 1000’s of hours fishing, is that often it is the people you are with that takes your fishing adventure from a good trip to a Fishing Adventure of a lifetime.

What we do

What sets us apart from your typical fishing adventure websites is that we do not need to fill seats on a boat. FishingEarth will match you with a location and charter where you can relax with great fishing conditions in an exotic getaway. We will work on making it as stress free as possible and find you the best adventure for the dates you have available. Booking with FishingEarth ensures that you will not be disappointed by wrong tides at the wrong times. We stand independently from fishing charters, which allows us to make the best decision about your trip.

FishingEarth also understand that it’s not just about catching fish… yes the fishing opportunities have to be world class but so does the guides and the equipment. Call us today and we will help you leave the old world behind and dive into a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

Book your next fishing adventure with FishingEarth today!

Book your Johnson River Fishing Camp experience today by emailing us at or phone 0447 789 777 with your available dates and we will match you with an experience of a lifetime! We will make all the arrangements and provide you with advice on what to take and best of all, we know exactly what we are talking about.

Call for bookings and more information on 0447 789 777 or 


If you want to find out about the weather conditions please search Bureau of Meteorology  you can look for historical information as well as current information. And please always remember to be sun smart when you are on a FishingEarth Fishing Adventure.

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