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Dundee Beach Fishing Lodge

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Dundee Beach Fishing Lodge – Barramundi and Sailfish
Sportfishing Adventure

Dundee Beach is situated near the famous Perron Islands – this is where a lot of the fishing action happens. We are talking about targeting Barramundi, Red Emperor, Jew Fish, GT’s, Tuna, Spanish Mackerel and of course the amazing Sailfish. Dundee Beach Fishing Lodge is the place where you can fish and fish and fish and even take home some fillets to share your good fishing fortunes with those that were left at home.

So you have wanted to visit the Northern Territory for a while now and you just never seem to find the time? After every fishing trip at home you will think I have to get up there and see what all the fuss is about. Here at FishingEarth, we can tell you that this is the ultimate place to visit and the fishing out here is out of this earth!.

How is this for a challenge, same rod, same leader and the same lure, catching Barramundi and Sailfish in the same day. We call this ‘Same same fishing at Dundee Beach’.

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Dundee is located 200km south west of Darwin. Road transfers or light air transfers are available. Road transfers take approx 2 hours and light air transfers take only 15 minutes.

Anglers Choice has been operating fishing charters in the Top End for over 15 year. During this time they have fished the big rivers East of Darwin including the Daly, Adelaide River, the East and South Alligator Rivers in Kakadu and the Mary River using the 72ft Cape Adieu their old mother-ship. Five years ago they moved their operations to Dundee Beach.

Anglers Choice is regarded the premiere fishing charter operator in this region and they are the only fishing charter company that is based at Dundee Beach. Their guides fish the waters daily and are always up to date with the latest fishing action. So you will not get onto the boat on your first morning only to hear the guide say ‘we have to go and find some fish’ as I have not been on the water for a week or two.

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Plan your Getaway with FishingEarth

FishingEarth offers you the best fishing charters, fishing adventures, corporate retreats, holiday destinations and family adventure holiday packaged and destinations throughout Australia and beyond. We have researched the best possible tides, in the best possible locations – accurate tides and a well planned holiday or adventure by professional’s means the difference between an awesome fishing trip and a very disappointing adventure. Avoid disappointment and contact FishingEarth today – we are independent fishing adventure and fishing charter specialists. Stress free holiday and adventure bookings.

Call for bookings and more information on 0447 789 777 or 

Call for bookings and more information on 0447 789 777 or 

The Experience

Big saltwater barramundi can be caught just meters from where they launch your adventure at the boat ramp, but they like to get you away from the rest of the world and fish the spots only they know about. They know that on the first morning we all have itchy casting fingers and your guide will be more than happy to let you cast at anything you like. There are 100’s of kilometres of coastline, rivers and creeks that hold big barramundi for you to explore and fish so work with your guide to get the best fishing experience possible. The coastal headlands of Fog Bay are famous for large saltwater barramundi but your guide has a number of other sneaky spots that they target big Barramundi at the right time on the tide.

I think when you talk about Barramundi fishing it just goes hand in hand with Mud Crabs. We all have our favourite ways of eating Mud Crabs and Emma and Cheryl will make sure you get them just the way you like them. Picture this… You’ve had a fantastic full days fishing, the boat has turned for home and each mile it travels, each of the fish caught and lost grow by 20% but as the boat chatter goes quite, your thoughts go to cold beer and mud crabs. That is in anyone’s language the perfect days fishing!!

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The blue water reefs wide of Dundee hold superb reef fish that fight hard. You can target MONSTER Black Jewfish, Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Tricky Snapper and Fingermark on the reefs. Red Emperor are often caught upward of 18 pounds!! Coral Trout are in number the east cost dream about! (the days before trout boats) There are no ifs or buts when it comes to reef fishing off Dundee Beach, before you know it you will be looking at the price of houses in the area!

Want multiple hook ups? Dundee offers first class pelagic fishing for GTs, Spanish Mackerel, Tuna, Queenfish & Cobia. The queenies swim in schools and multiple hook-ups on these fast, leaping fish are common. Fighting a trevally is a different experience, and the deep slog lasts long enough to test any angler and will make cold drink at the end of the say even better!

Fog Bay is a shallow bay is approximately 25 kilometres wide and extends from Native Point at its north-east end to Point Jenny to the south-west. The town of Dundee is at the north-east end of the bay. Fog Bay has become famous for a post-wet season sailfish run, and the guys at Anglers Choice have had multiple captures in a single day. Their 7.7m sport fishing boats are the ideal vessels to chase sails with comfort and speed in mind.

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Call for bookings and more information on 0447 789 777 or 

Located only 10 minutes from the boat ramp, the Beach House is fully catered and well equipped and will feel like your home away from home. They even have Foxtel so you can tune in or record the weekend footy matches to play in the evening.

The property accommodates a maximum of 8 clients. Two rooms are quad share and each have 4, 5* King Single beds. The accommodation is basic but air conditioned and very clean and comfortable. Now this is something that you are going to love, there is a spare room for the SNORERS it is 200km up the road in Darwin haha No No, there is a room where you can play some tunes at night with no fear of disturbing others in the house.

The large balcony overlooks the Timor Sea and guests love to relax in the inground spa. The sunsets are simply stunning and it is a very comfortable property in a beautiful location. Enjoy waking up in the morning to breakfast on the balcony and return to the Beach House each afternoon for sunset drinks and a lovely dinner of steak, seafood and freshly caught fish and mud crabs.

This is simply a stunning holiday location with an amazing adventure fishing experience. Don’t miss out on booking, enquire today to get more information about when to go and what to bring. We take the stress out of booking your holiday adventure.



The FishingEarth Experience

The team at FishingEarth have fished six of the seven continents and many of the beautiful oceans and seas surrounding these amazing land masses. The number one lesson we have collectively learned from 1000’s of hours fishing, is that often it is the people you are with that takes your fishing adventure from a good trip to a Fishing Adventure of a lifetime.

What we do

What sets us apart from your typical fishing adventure websites is that we do not need to fill seats on a boat. FishingEarth will match you with a location and charter where you can relax with great fishing conditions in an exotic getaway. We will work on making it as stress free as possible and find you the best adventure for the dates you have available. Booking with FishingEarth ensures that you will not be disappointed by wrong tides at the wrong times. We stand independently from fishing charters, which allows us to make the best decision about your trip.

FishingEarth also understand that it’s not just about catching fish… yes the fishing opportunities have to be world class but so does the guides and the equipment. Call us today and we will help you leave the old world behind and dive into a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

Book your fishing adventure with FishingEarth today!

Book your unique Dundee Beach Fishing experience today, by emailing us at or phone 0447 789 777 with your available dates and we will match you with an experience of a lifetime! We will make all the arrangements and provide you with advice on what to take and best of all, we know exactly what we are talking about.

Call for bookings and more information on 0447 789 777 or 


If you want to find out about the weather conditions please search Bureau of Meteorology  you can look for historical information as well as current information. And please always remember to be sun smart when you are on a FishingEarth Fishing Adventure.

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