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Bedrock Cafe Innisfail

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I was listening to a local North Queensland resident some advice to some Scandinavian backpackers regarding where to swim and not swim. He told them if you go to a swimming hole and all the numberplates on the cars are from other states it is probably not a good idea to swim there. If there is a couple of utes and dogs and all of the numberplates are from Queensland it is probably going to be a safe place to swim. Difficult to poke holes in his theory but it is most certainly the case when it comes to cafes and takeaway’s.

If you see the locals eating there it is a good chance the food is going to be good.

Really needing a good lunch with a friend wanting a Burger. We were delighted with our steak sandwich and Bacon and Egg Burger. The cafe was very clean and well managed… And as we all know if locals are getting served then you know you are on a winner and the Bedrock is the place where the locals go for a burger and fish & chip oh and the milk shakes there are amazing as well.

These guys have been making burgers and fish & chips for over 30 years and unlike those ‘fast food’ places you can take you car the Bedrock use local products and suppliers so not only will you be giving your taste buds a treat you will be helping the local community.

Do not pass through Innisfail without stoping in and saying hello at the Bedrock Cafe Innisfail.

When in the area we recommend you have a look at River ‘N’ Reef fishing tackle and if you are looking for a fantastic fishing charter Hincinbrook Island 

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