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Arnhem Land Barra Lodge

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Arnhem Land Barramundi Nature Lodge – The true great outdoors!

Arnhem Land Barramundi Nature Lodge (Barra Lodge) is located on the far north cost of the Northern Territory, Arnhemland is the largest and most remote Aboriginal land reserve in Australia. This rugged and stunningly beautiful area is roughly the size of England. It is here in this untouched wilderness where you’ll find some of the most exciting sports fishing in the world! BarramundiMonster Queenfish, GT’sSpanish Mackerel and of course all the other sports fish superstars you have come to expect in the Northern Territory.

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What to Expect

Whether you’re into lure fishing, soft plastics, fly fishing or even spear fishing, the fishing options are huge. With miles of unspoilt coastline and a mass of river and creek systems there’s enough fishing hotspots to keep even the most avid of anglers incredibly busy for months.

The award winning Arnhem Land Barramundi Nature Lodge is situated on the coast near the Aboriginal community of Maningrida is approximately 400 kilometres to the north east of Darwin. From here you’ll enjoy exclusive access to six pristine Arnhemland rivers, including the Liverpool, Tomkinson, Cadell, Blyth, Mann and Goomadeer Rivers, as well as several coastal creeks and estuaries, and magnificent inland lagoons.

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These incredible rivers offer many metre plus Barramundi each year, and for every metre plus Barramundi there are plenty more that come very close to the mark. Even though the iconic Barramundi may be your primary target, there are many more tropical sports fish that will really put your tackle to the test. Those of you that like to see line speed off your reel will be kept busy targeting the different members of the Trevally family, which offer insane line burning action. And of course the hard fighting Queenfish, which grow into absolute monsters in this region, will put on a show that’s hard to beat.

If you like a good stand up fight, the snags and rock bars amongst the creek systems produce monster Mangrove Jacks that hit and run hard! Sometimes the Jacks will pull you back into the snags and bust you off before you’ve even had a chance to take guard. But once you do draw them in a little closer, be prepared for the fight of your life, because these guys have endless stamina that will absolutely exhaust you.

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Moving offshore the fishing gets even hotter with Spanish Mackerel and Tuna’s hammering fly and lures regularly. This is where that extra fly line you were thinking of packing will come in handy, as you watch your fly line and backing head off into the sunset!

The variety of saltwater species is huge out here, including Threadfin and Blue Salmon, Mangrove Jack, Golden Snapper, Coral Trout, Spanish Mackerel, Broadbarred Mackerel, Long Tail Tuna, and that icon sportfish the Giant Herring, to name but a few.

At the bottom, the fishing off the coast is red hot too, with the Fingermark often in schools smashing up all offerings presented to them. Coral Trout are a welcome catch out on the inshore reefs as well. There are few fish on earth that are as beautiful to eat as the Coral Trout and your chef will be very pleased to see one of those on ice.

Also lurking in the depths are Jew Fish; these guys can grow over 50lbs and fight like few fish do when first hooked, as they try to get you back into the rocks to break you off.

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As good as the saltwater fishing is, the freshwater fishing in Arnhemland is something not to be missed. Moving into the freshwater lagoons you’ll have the opportunity to target species such as Tarpon, which entertain with spectacular ariel displays when targeted on light fly or lure. And of course, there’s the famous Saratoga, with it’s rock like jaw, this fish will have you fighting every which way and will often bust you off before you get a chance to land it.

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After a full day of fishing, there’s nothing better than returning to the lodge, taking a shower and sitting down with a few ice cold beers on the veranda, looking out over the Liverpool and Tomkinson River flood plains. As you relax and talk about the fishing adventures of the day with your fellow fishos, your master chef will be busy turning your Barramundi and Mud Crabs into a dining experience of a lifetime! There’s a great selection of beers and handpicked wines to complement your meals, all at no additional cost.

Once you’ve had your fill and decided with your guide on the activities for the next day, you’ll enjoy a deep and peaceful sleep in your spacious and breezy safari cabin, with an ensuite bathroom and a well stocked bar fridge – you certainly won’t be roughing it in this outback environment!

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With such a diverse variety of fishing options available it’s a good idea to sit down with your guides at the start of your trip to work out what you want to get out of your fishing adventure. The experience and expertise of the Lodge’s guides, means they can get you into the best spots for your chosen target species, or assist you in trying out a new fishing technique.

When it comes to equipment, Arnhem Land Barramundi Nature Lodge has a well maintained fleet of eight boats to cover all the guided fishing options available. All fishing gear is quality Shimano rods and reels and lines are matched with the rod and reels, as well as the type of fishing you are doing. There is no fly fishing equipment supplied but you are free to bring your own fly gear as well as any of your own regular fishing tackle and equipment.

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As well as the awesome fishing here, there are also plenty of non-fishing activities if you feel like a break from the water. In a joint venture with the Bawinanga Aboriginal people, you have the exclusive opportunity to access once in a lifetime tours such as the traditional bush tucker tour, the traditional hunting tour, the Aboriginal Island life tour, and the famous Aboriginal Rock art tour. A morning or afternoon on one of these tours really is an exceptional experience and gives you a unique insight into the sacred and ancient culture of the indigenous people of Australia. For more information on these tours click here, or speak to your guide at the start of your trip to book.

A stay at the Arnhem Land Barramundi Nature Lodge is best enjoyed as a four day minimum trip from March through to December. For more information on prices and availability please contact us.

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The FishingEarth Experience

The team at FishingEarth have fished six of the seven continents and many of the beautiful oceans and seas surrounding these amazing land masses. The number one lesson we have collectively learned from 1000’s of hours fishing, is that often it is the people you are with that takes your fishing adventure from a good trip to a Fishing Adventure of a lifetime.

What we do

What sets us apart from your typical fishing adventure websites is that we do not need to fill seats on a boat. FishingEarth will match you with a location and charter where you can relax with great fishing conditions in an exotic getaway. We will work on making it as stress free as possible and find you the best adventure for the dates you have available. Booking with FishingEarth ensures that you will not be disappointed by wrong tides at the wrong times. We stand independently from fishing charters, which allows us to make the best decision about your trip.

FishingEarth also understand that it’s not just about catching fish… yes the fishing opportunities have to be world class but so does the guides and the equipment. Call us today and we will help you leave the old world behind and dive into a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

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If you want to find out about the weather conditions please search Bureau of Meteorology  you can look for historical information as well as current information. And please always remember to be sun smart when you are on a FishingEarth Fishing Adventure.

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